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Dear Friend,

If you’re following the Kentucky General Assembly on Twitter or Facebook (#kyga17), then you know that last week was historic.

Four of the seven bills passed and signed by Gov. Matt Bevin had the Bluegrass Institute’s influence stamped all over them.

In just a short week and a new GOP super-majority:

  • Kentucky became a right-to-work state. No longer are Kentuckians forced to join a union as a condition of employment.
  • Kentucky made legislators’ pensions transparent.
  • We repealed the arbitrary and artificial “prevailing-wage” requirements on public projects, saving taxpayers millions of dollars on new schools and government buildings.
  • We prohibited union dues from being used to fund politics.
  • And we determined that union membership should come with an “opt-in” requirement, not just a defacto “yes” that one must later opt out of.

“A hearty thanks to the Bluegrass Institute, who set the ground for the bills we passed this week,” said Louisville Representative Jason Nemes, one of 28 new legislators to win office in the historic November election.

There also was praise from veteran lawmakers, including Northern Kentucky Sen. Chris McDaniel, who led the effort to pass legislation that shines the light on retirement benefits of current and former lawmakers -- including benefits received from other state-run pension plans.

“It’s been great having allies like the Bluegrass Institute, who have put great work in through research, reports, articles and many other activities to help bring the necessary public pressure to bear on this issue,” McDaniel said.

Thanks to your help, Kentucky took the spotlight. You and I: We did it!

Your commitment to the values and vision of the Bluegrass Institute made these liberty and prosperity-advancing policies the future of a truly freer Kentucky.

However, the real work is just beginning. Now more than ever, we need to have a voice in the public sphere that defends the policy gains made by our legislative allies last week. Kentucky teamsters have already threatened to attack on this issue come November.

But, you know that the Bluegrass Institute is up for that challenge. Help us keep the ground we’ve taken … and then take new territory!

After a long economic stalemate lasting nearly a century, Kentucky is poised to become the go-to state in the nation for prosperity, investment, entrepreneurship and freedom.

And we’re just getting started. Become a member and watch what we accomplish with School Choice, Public Pensions, Medicaid, Criminal Justice reform and Right-to-Try policies.

We’ve got the winning policy prescriptions for a free, prosperous and innovative future … We just need your continued support. There’s no better time to be a sustaining member.

We’ve got more 2017 priorities on deck.

Can you help us get our research on public pension spending into the hands of legislators, the media and citizens statewide?

Can you help us launch a series of Open Records requests to help us see whose public pensions are breaking the bank in our commonwealth?

Can you help us ramp up our charter-school efforts?

Your new or continued investment today will allow us to act now instead of putting off these important projects when we are having so much momentum.

Become a member or upgrade your membership today. You’ll be glad you joined with our team and the hundreds of supporters who make our work possible.

Thanks again for all you do.

In liberty and prosperity,

Jim Waters, President
P.O. Box 11706
Lexington, KY 40577

P.S. 2017 is just beginning. Help us make it our most impactful year in the 13-year history of the Bluegrass Institute. All gifts help our mission and engages you with our work. Join us today!


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