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  Real Estate

Vancouver had nearly 11,000 homes sit empty in 2014: study

A city-commissioned study has revealed 10,800 homes in Vancouver were left empty for more than a year in 2014 ...

  Retail & Manufacturing

Indochino lands $42 million financing from new Chinese partner

Dayang Group invests capital, plans to be a manufacturing partner and will have board representation ...


‘No surprises’ as Bank of Canada holds steady on benchmark rate

The Bank of Canada is keeping its key interest rate right where it is at 0.5% ...

  Law & Politics

Ottawa considers getting back into the housing game

The federal government could be getting back in the housing business for the first time in decades, and there may be some new units built in Burnaby ...

This week's issue:

Profile of Jessica McDonald, president and CEO, BC Hydro

Hydro boss is building on the middle ground ...


BIV podcast (episode 3): Canucks in China, white elephant office towers, International Women's Day

Reporters Jen St. Denis and Tyler Orton examine some of the biggest stories appearing in the March 8 edition of the newspaper.
  More news

Prolonged period of low oil prices could hurt Canadian economy: study

BIV Living/Working: Peddling bike share a bad business for the City of Vancouver

In its zeal to preen green, the city hasn’t been smart about its bike infrastructure ...

In case you missed it:

Women at work: the B.C. companies leading the way on gender equality

Two workers die after accident at Mexican mine owned by Vancouver’s Avino

Women still underpaid and underrepresented in the workforce

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