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Earth Scientist Finds Way to Measure
Short-term Greenland Ice-loss

Michael BevisMichael Bevis, Ohio Eminent Scholar in Geodynamics and professor in the School of Earth Sciences, and his colleagues, have found a way to use GPS to measure short-term changes in the rate of ice loss on Greenland. Their new study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, hints at the potential for GPS to detect many consequences of climate change, including ice loss, the uplift of bedrock, changes in air pressure - and perhaps even sea level rise.

Geographer on the Politics of Climate Change

Joel WainwrightJoel Wainwright, assistant professor of geography, along with Geoff Mann, associate professor of geography, Simon Fraser University, have written a paper on the political consequences of the responses to the threats of climate change for Antipode, a radical journal of geography. Their research paper, Climate Leviathan, is freely available online.


Anthropologist on Tropical Sustainability

Scott McGrawScott McGraw, professor of anthropology, is one of 200 scientists from around the world contributing to a study on the world’s tropical protected areas and the efforts to sustain their biodiversity, published in Nature.


Multitasking is Harmful to Your Health

Zheng WangZheng Wang, assistant professor of communication, is lead author of a new study demonstrating that trying to do two visual tasks at once, such as driving and texting, hurt performance in both tasks significantly more than combining a visual and an audio task, like driving and talking on the phone.

O.A.R. Musicians Chat with Music Director

O.A.R. Musicians Chat with Music DirectorRick Blatti, director of the School of Music, met with former Ohio State students who form the popular band O.A.R., along with current music student Jon Lampley (jazz studies ’13), who played back-up trumpet for the band during a recent performance in Columbus. Blatti (second from right) discussed music programs at the school and how best to prepare students for careers in music with (from left) Chris Culos (Political Science ’01), former students Jerry DePizzo and Benj Gershman, and Lampley.

Art Ed Has New Name

Art Ed Has New NameJust in time for the new academic year, the Department of Art Education has a new name. According to Chair Debbie Smith-Shank, the new name, the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy, is a better representation of the courses, scholarship, and practices conducted in the department to educate art teachers, arts administrators, and arts policy makers.


Innovative Arts Workshop Promotes Collaboration

For students interested in producing art, the Collaborative Art-Making Intensive, August 16-18 at the Urban Arts Space, is a new workshop designed to expose undergraduates to interdisciplinary art-making early in their education.

SAC CornHole Toss Tournament 

The Arts and Sciences Staff Advisory Council (SAC) kicks off its CornHole Toss Tournament on Wednesday, September 5. Sign up by August 6 (with or without a partner) to join in the games to be played every Wednesday at noon.  Location to be announced. The fun begins on Wednesday, September 5 with the final game being played on Tuesday, October 2. For questions, contact Elizabeth Freeman at

August 2-29

Negative Crotch, and Other Friends, works by Leeza Meksin, Swing Space Gallery, 1556 North High St.

August 3-5

Behavior Change for a Sustainable World Conference at the Ohio Union brings together experts from Ohio State and around the world to explore practical and effective approaches to increasing environmentally friendly behavior in education, business, government and faith-based communities. Speakers include Ohio State climatologist Lonnie Thompson and Nature Conservancy chief scientist Peter Kareiva. Contact: Bill Heward, Ohio State professor emeritus of special education.

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August 1, 2012

Lindsay Cannon - Pelotonia

Pelotonia Fellowships

Lindsay Cannon, an undergraduate majoring in psychology, is conducting research on how different cancer treatments affect heart rate variability in breast cancer patients, with the support of a Pelotonia fellowship.

“Understanding why some breast cancer survivors are more vulnerable to poorer quality of life after treatment than others is important for post-treatment recovery.”
Pelotonia Fellowships are funded directly by donations to riders in Pelotonia, which this year will be August 10-12.
Support this year’s Team ASC and Team Buckeye. Contact Terry Bradley at
In the News
Claire Vaye Watkins’ (MFA, 2011) debut novel, Battleborn, is reviewed in the August issue of Vogue
Zheng Wang, assistant professor of communication, on the dangers of multitasking, Business News Daily, July 25, 2012

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