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Spring Fever!

It has been a long cold winter, but at last the snow is melting and the Ides of March have passed. Saint Patrick's Day green is announcing springtime everywhere, and things are definitely looking up.

Current Projects Spring Forward 

Good News For Tribal Justice!

We have just received our first production grant for Tribal Justice, a Cal Humanities California Documentary Project award, hooray! This is not only a great honor, but will allow us to launch principal photography with our awesome tribal judges Abby Abinanti and Claudette White. You can meet them in the one minute trailer below.

California Tribal Justice Program

When we heard the news from Cal Humanities, we were filming the Tribal Court/ State Court Forum's annual meeting in San Francisco. We showed our ten-minute trailer to sixty tribal and state court judges who were there to discuss best ways of working together. All were very enthusiastic about the trailer, and now eagerly await the film. Next up: springtime shooting in California. What could be better?

Tribal Justice Forum
Above: some of the 60 judges at the Forum: Quechan Chief Judge Claudette White (2nd from left. middle row), next to Hoopa Judge Richard Blake; and on the right, Judges Juan Ulloa and Christopher Wilson

2 judges
Left: Yurok Judge Abby Abinanti with her state court counterpart, Judge Christopher Wilson of Humboldt County. Right: Quechan Judge Claudette White with Judge Juan Ulloa of Imperial County.

A Necessary Madness:
The Art of Wangechi Mutu

Wangechi's survey show, A Fantastic Journey, has just left Brooklyn and is wending its way south to the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, where it will open next month. Holland Cotter of the New York Times described the show as  "visually ravishing … an apocalyptic version of polymorphic perversity, a shot of the libidinal pleasure the art world so loves along with a series of fast, repeat jabs to the head it deserves."

Well, however you want to describe Wangechi's work, it will be sure to amaze you and inspire new thoughts about race, culture, and gender.

We're hoping that April funding will spring us forward so we can continue filming Wangechi's endlessly fascinating, fantastic journey for A Necessary Madness.

Stay tuned for more news about both of these projects ...

Old and New 

Moonchild Still Making a Difference
30 Years On

My first film, Moonchild, tells the story of Chris Carlson, a former member of the Moonie cult who plays himself in this drama about his experiences in Sun Myung Moon’s insidious organization. It's an unsettling story of the exploitation of idealism and the perversion of spiritual values, a cautionary tale that reveals the fluidity of identity and the vulnerability of the human heart. 


This just in from an anthropology professor who is using Moonchild in his classroom:

"I am an anthropology professor at San Jose State University, and for several years now I have used the film 'Moonchild' for my course, 'Thought Control in Contemporary Society.' It has very successfully demonstrated to my students how vulnerable we might be to cults." — Roberto Gonalez, San Jose State University.

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More Films Available from Makepeace Productions

Baby It's You and Coming to Light are also available on Netflix, iTunes, Hulu et al. 
Rain in a Dry Land is available on iTunes and Amazon.

We Still Live Here
Reviews on Amazon

Linda CoombsWe're thrilled that We Still Live Here continues its online presence on Amazon and iTunes. Here are some of the 5 star reviews from Amazon Instant Video:
5.0 out of 5 stars
The Real America by Kim E
This is truly an amazing feat. A great story of a 'clan'—an American one, which arouses in you a sense of actual and factual history. What up America? This is how we should learn about the natives Americans and their history & the progeny. They're still here! I love it. Love it.
5.0 out of 5 stars
One of the Best Examples of Resilient Leadership I've Ever Seen by Kelly
The courage and strength of the Wampanoag people is heart-warming, yet at the close of the film I feel more inspired than anything else. The film shows us how to forgive, how to heal. I have seen this film three times and each time I learn something new about leadership, especially how resilient leaders blaze the trail to fulfillment. Even though we may all be off course from time to time, we don't need a lone hero to "save us." We need this to be, like the Wampanoag's, a community endeavor that fully recognizes and values all members of the community. 

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