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Spring and Summertime Snapshots

It has been a long time since my last newsletter, not for lack of things to write about! The last four months have been a whirlwind of activity. I hope you will enjoy the photos of recent shoots for Tribal Justice, and a brand new film clip.

Tribal Justice

But First, Some Good News!

Vision MakerVision Maker Media, the Native American arm of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, has just awarded production funding to Tribal Justice. This is such fantastic news, as the funding will take us back to California for many more shoots, and will get us a long way through production. Thank you Vision Maker Media!

Spring and Summer Shoots

With a grant from California Humanities, we traveled to Quechan and also launched a series of shoots at Yurok, filming several cases unfolding in tribal court.

Below is a 2 minute update of the case of Taos Proctor, who was facing a third strike conviction when we first filmed him last year.

Tribal Justice: Taos Proctor

Read MORE or watch our 10 minute trailer introducing the judges and several of their cases, including some of Taos's hearing last year.

A Visit to Quechan

In April, I had the good fortune to spend time with Judge Claudette White, pictured here at the Quechan Tribal Court. We'll be back!

Tribal Justice

Two New Cases in Yurok Tribal Court

In May and June, we filmed two new families at Yurok. Rebecca and her brother Andrew are helping each other recover from years of meth addiction. With the support of the tribal court, Rebecca has stayed clean, found jobs and brought her daughters home. Inspired by his sister, Andrew is working with Abby in hopes of doing the same.

Tribal Justice

Domestic violence and drug addiction tore Maggie and Tyrone's family apart. They have turned their lives around through programs prescribed by the tribal court, have found housing, and recently reunited with their five children.

Tribal Justice

Lori Nesbitt came on board as our Yurok co-producer. She works with Abby, and is invaluable in helping us to build trust with the people whose stories we are following.

Tribal Justice: Lori Nesbitt

We'll be back in California in a few weeks to film these and other cases unfolding in and out of tribal court. Their stories will be the heart of Tribal Justice. 

We Still Live Here Lives On

Meanwhile, We Still Live Here goes on and on, with screenings ranging from the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia to Connecticut’s Quinebaug Valley.
We Still Live Here
Photo courtesy of
The Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project's 4th annual Summer Turtle Program for kids is going on right now, with teachers and summer interns leading language blocks and traditional Wampanoag sports like archery, canoeing, swimming, and double-ball, as well as the ancient Iroquois sport, lacrosse. The very first Turtle Program was partly funded by Telluride MountainFilm's Moving Mountains Award to We Still Live Here, so it is especially gratifying to see it continuing and growing, with almost 50 kids this year. Even more amazingly, WLRP will launch their Wampanoag immersion charter school next year. Congratulations to Jessie and everyone at — Here is a link for more about the school.

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Reviews from Our Viewers

From Malinda Chouinard, founder and owner, with her husband Yvon, of Patagonia, Inc.—

If you are feeling withdrawal from films, take a look at the films of Anne Makepeace. If you haven't seen Coming to Light, or her follow up We Still Live Here you will be delighted to know Anne has dedicated decades to the real Native American History. Anne is the best story teller I have found in film, with many more projects coming along.
This one from Marguerite Cantu at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs—

I am Ute and Cherokee. When I was living in New York, (early 80's), I got to spend some time at Mashpee. I knew Gkisetanamoogk and Slow Turtle and many others… It is so good to see the People, the Land, and especially to know how the language is being returned… My youngest son, was given his name in a ceremony there in July of 1987.

Speaking Our Mother Tongues —

Explore Our Language Website!

Our Mother Tongues

Can you guess which icon below goes with which tribe on the Our Mother Tongues website? Click to find out!

Our Mother Tongues

Check out great photos, watch Videos and learn about many Native American languages from Alaska to North Carolina, Oklahoma to New York, Montana to Massachusetts. There is even an Interactive Map, a Voices page where you can listen to thirteen different Native tongues, a Blog, and a fun feature called ePostcards offering an entertaining way to connect with friends and family by sending audio greetings in a Native American language.

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