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Our goal is to reach 250,000 girls by 2017 with improved access to our go! pads. But how much banana fiber would we need to make that vision a reality? We did the math with one of our banana fiber suppliers, the Umunezero co-op in eastern Rwanda.

THE ANSWER: It would take 500 tons of fiber each year. That’s enough to cover 75 football fields!

THE GOOD NEWS:  Eight co-ops in Rwanda (out of 7063 co-ops across the country) could meet that market demand, which means the potential upswing to meet the total market demand in Rwanda is ripe with opportunity! 

THE EVEN BETTER NEWS: Through our partnership with Umunezero, we learned that SHE can take credit for a 33% increase in the co-op annual income. Our local sourcing is boosting the incomes for 600 farmers, many of whom are women. Now that we've done the math, we can see the impact of your support that enables us to deliver a more affordable pad in Rwanda.

See the Impact

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword

Buying local is no longer a trend limited to the foodies. Increased transparency of our supply chain may have started with food, but companies across the marketplace are radically rethinking their supply chains.

SHE has been a part of the supply chain revolution from the start with our use of leftover banana fiber as absorbent material that are now in our go! pads. We are grateful that the Global Sourcing Council recognized our impact-driven sourcing as a 3S Awardee. The UN-hosted event brought SHE into the company of sustainability leaders such as Ben and Jerry’s and Microsoft. Read more

SHE By the Numbers

Meet Executive Director Melissa Driver Beard and Assistant Production Manager Eric Ndayishimye

Who has a better mileage program than Carmen Sandiego?

Our bet is on our new Executive Director, Global, Melissa Driver Beard, who has traveled to 43 countries to date. Melissa will drive the strategy and growth of our global partnerships, so SHE can replicate and adapt the SHE28 initiative into new countries. Meet Melissa

Eric Ndayishimiye joined us this fall as our Assistant Production Manager. The recent engineering graduate will be focused on the nuts and bolts of scaling up our pad production. Meet Eric
SHE sells its go! pads at Eastern Province Expo in Ngoma

Nudging for good

CVS no longer sells tobacco at a loss of $2 billion in revenue and supermarkets woo customers to the produce aisle with bright arrows. These are just some of the ways that brands are trying  "nudge marketing" or subtle marketing tactics to encourage healthy behavior change.

So how does "nudge marketing" work in Rwanda? It starts with us leveraging the playfulness and authority of our go! brand among girls to prime positive decision-making. We tested our brand equity at the 7th Annual Eastern Province Expo in Ngoma where thousands come to discover new products. How did we do? Read more to find out

In Case You Missed It

SHE is a 2015 Tech Awards Finalist

Staying on the Cutting Edge
SHE is a Top 5 finalist in the “Sobrato Organization Economic Development Award” category of The Tech Awards 2015! The Tech Awards honors international innovators who are applying technology to confront humanity’s most urgent challenges. Read more

New York Times features our Ngoma production team

Feature in The New York Times
NYT revisits our 2009 commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative and our production site in Ngoma in its recent coverage of the Clinton Foundation in Rwanda. Read More
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