Blogging - where do you start?
Virtual Hand - PA Support always on hand
Planning - the start point for your blogging calendar!
Are you blogging regularly?
Do you know what to blog about?
Is that blank page just too much?
Stumped getting started?
Are you becoming the 'go to' expert in your field?

Are your answers making you feel bad about your blogging activities - if in fact you have even started?

A lot of my clients want to but just don't know where to start and how to use it to gain more clients and grow their audience. I've helped them to create a 3 month calendar which identifies their areas of expertise, shares their knowledge, creates great content for their audience and enables them to keep in touch with their potential clients and their struggles/pain/difficulties within their own life or business.

Do you want to be in that position?

After a conversation about your business we can create a plan for your blog and even develop how it can be shared on other platforms to grow your audience; become the go to person and gain clients. If this is of interest - see below for your next steps.

Now is a great time to be setting this up with a plan to start blogging regularly from the beginning of August/September. Use the Summer break to focus and put into action something that you can then continue - on your own, with our help and to whatever degree of assistance you need. It's all about you!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you so I can help you to use this fantastic tool to raise awareness of your business, grow your audience, share your expertise and answer those questions that people always ask you!

A VA is there to be your Personal PA; doing all those elements of your business that you don't like, aren't very good at or just don't earn you any money. Yes, it will cost you but I am sure your hourly rate is higher than that of a VA - just think about that!

VAs come with different skills and IT Training is one of those for me.

For every hour you spend doing this work is every hour you are not earning your hourly rate and for every hour a VA does it for you - you have saved money!

Our OFFER to You

For £45 we will create a 3 month blogging calendar just for you. Handing it to you ready to go. If you need more help such as curating them; then yes, we can do that too.

Blogging Calendar GO and then we will get in touch to book you in. It can be done face to face (if you are local) or via Skype/telephone.

Alternatively, email me to discuss your needs (leave me your number and I will call you). I will contact you to discuss and set it up. 

I'd love to hear if there is something we can put on Offer for you - you never know it may already be planned!
Take care

Marketing for your business
Direct Mail
Proof Reading
Social Media
Blogging :
Training for you and your staff
Microsoft Packages
Bespoke Tasks
Skills for you
Admin training

Virtual Hand

Michelle has been working with trainers and coaches for over 4 years now - allowing them to concentrate on delivering their training/coaching without being distracted with the co-ordinating of the venue, clients and paperwork. If you want to see how a VA can enable you to focus on the activities that you love doing - give her a call/email/contact through the website.

The team work for a variety of businesses so get in touch if you are looking for support and guidance.

Blogging from Virtual Hand

Take a look at our recent blogs - I've linked them under their area for ease of reading:




There is one for a venue in Manchester that might be of interest to you.

Working with a VA

Looking for those 5 min To-Do jobs to help you get on top of your workload?
Admin support in the form of: 

Transcription Service
Making Appointments
Chasing information
Setting up meetings
Sending invoices
Email management
Event planning
Customer Service
Complaint Handling
Point of Contact
Document Production
CRM Maintenance
Data Cleansing
Researching and Procurement **NEW**
Networking and Exhibiting packages

and whatever you need to grow your business ... just ask.

will know a man or woman that can help you.


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