Unanimous decision: we fight on
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Back to the Courts
In this email:
  • The community has decided to take our case to the Court of Appeal. Thanks to everyone for your magnificent response.
  • We want to organise a series of community based fundraising events, which should bring us together, be a lot of fun and raise much needed cash. Click here to register your interest.
  • We ask, if you have not done so recently, whether you can make a donation to our legal fund 
  • We ask you to forward this email to ten people you know in the community and invite them to get involved and to sign up for our newsletter. 
A great meeting

On Monday 3 November, over 60 people participated in a Stokey Local meeting in St Paul's West Hackney. At the meeting we reported back on our setback at the High Court and asked the simple question: 'what next?' The resounding and unanimous answer was: 'we fight on!'

We've had setbacks before, and perhaps we're used to them? Because losing in the High Court, just didn't feel like the 'conclusion' to our fight.

Three years into this campaign, it seems as if the community is determined to take this to the limit. 

At the meeting, Nick Perry fed back on the cut and thrust of the three days in court, and Alex Goodman, one of our amazing team of barristers, put a good chance of success on an appeal, and answered legal questions. 

We reported that we'd raised a total of £24,641 which covers our costs to date. However, to go forward we would need to raise at least another £9,000 (and possibly £14,000) on top of that.

We had a serious discussion and everyone in the room expressed how they felt about the High Court decision. When it came to the vote, no one thought we should stop now. The community voted to fight on and lodge our appeal.

Having made the decision the next step was to discuss how we raise the additional money.

Suggestions included:
  • A fun-day-cum-board-game - a cross between Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, where the board is Stoke Newington and we are the pieces.
  • A 'battle of the bands' and other entertainment.
  • A systematic approach to door-to-door fundraising of local businesses, and a celebration of those who have already supported us, including Hamdys, Benjamin's Chemist, The Discount Store, Shine Holistic, Levenes Solicitors
  • An 'auction of promises'
  • A formal dinner or supper club with entertainment
  • A series of street parties
We now have the people in place to fight the legal case; we're just missing the money to cover the legal costs, so we do need urgent help with the fundraising. Please sign up here to join a working group, or suggest your own ways in which we can raise funds.

We have always said that, while we want to save Stoke Newington from inappropriate developments, we also want to have some fun, and get to know each other along the way.

So please, if you have not made a donation recently, do consider making one, however big or small, but also sign up to participate in one of the working groups putting together the fundraising events. 

One last ask

One of our big problems is that not everyone knows about our campaign. Many people think the fight was over a long time ago and many others have moved in to the area since it started and know nothing about it.

If every supporter forwarded this email on to ten local people and endorsed the campaign, we could grow our network considerably. The more people who support us, the greater our prospects of success. 

Donate now!

Thanks to recent donations, and a revised estimate, we now believe we need to raise between Â£9,000 and Â£14,000 to fund the appeal and associated costs. The £5,000 margin depends on whether the Court awards us a protective costs 'cap' of £5,000 or £10,000 (we won't know this for some weeks). Our team of barristers continue to working at no cost to us, but we do have to pay our solicitors (at a vastly reduced rate) along with court fees and printing, etc.

If you have donated recently, we are not asking you to dig deeper, rather, we would encourage you to circulate this newsletter to friends and encourage them to make a donation, or sign up to support one of our fundraising initiatives

Please give generously, if you can afford to do so.

If possible, please pay by transfer direct in to our bank account and then email us to let us know when you have made a donation.
Account: Stokey Local Community Fund
Sort code: 08-60-01 • Account: 20316473 
If it's easier you can use a credit card, debit card to donate via PayPal, by clicking here, but PayPal take about 3.5% of your donation so direct transfer is prefered,

Spread the word


Please share this newsletter with friends, family, neighbours etc, and on Facebook/Twitter etc.

If you didn't receive this message directly via email, then you can sign up here to receive regular updates.

Yours, as ever, 

Stokey Local
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