An update, an organising meeting, an AGM and an informal social: make sure you join us on Saturday 26 July
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Stokey Local are holding a meeting at 4pm, on Saturday 26 July. At the Methodist Church, 106 Stoke Newington High Street (next door to the Sainsbury local store).
This meeting will serve several functions: an update on progress, an organising meeting, an opportunity to review our fundraising and it will also be the first formal AGM of the 'Stokey Local Community Fund'. Once the business of the meeting is out of the way, it will also provide an opportunity for an informal get together.
An Update
The meeting will be an opportunity to update all our supporters on the latest news of the campaign and in particular on the legal battles that are currently being fought.  Nick Perry is currently taking legal action on behalf of the community ably supported by a community based legal team. If successful, we may even establish new legal precedents regarding disclosure when developers claim that they cannot meet Council policy on affordable housing but refuse to share the calculations on the grounds of a need to protect their 'commercial confidentiality'. 


An organising meeting
There are still many people in Stoke Newington and the surrounding area who do not know about the threat to the local economy and Abney Park posed by the Wilmer Place development, nor do they know about the Council approving a development that has less affordable housing on it than existed on site previously. We want to ensure that everyone in the area knows about this campaign, and the next steps to protect our community, so we are planning to produce a newssheet which we want to distribute to every door in the area.
We also need to increase the reserves in our legal fund. This is currently being used to pay for court fees and our solicitors fees (the barristers are operating on a 'no-win, no-fee' basis). However the main reason we need to build a 'war chest' is that if he does not win, then Nick will be ordered to pay a contribution towards the Council's legal costs. As he is acting on behalf of the community, we want to ensure that, if the worst happens, he is not out of pocket. We do need to raise more money, but we don't want to ask those who have already given to give more. Instead, we want to reach out to new supporters in the community, and one way to do this is to distribute a newssheet across the area and make contact with our natural supporters.
If you have not given and would like to do so, please consider making a donation now.
Many people have given £50, but every little helps, and it is only the widespread support of the community that has allowed us to get this far, and we now have a real chance to overturn the decision at Wilmer Place.
  • Account name: Stokey Local Community Fund
  • Sort code: 08-60-01
  • Account number: 20316473

We established our fighting fund last year and appointed a number of respected local people to act as trustees.
The primary object of the fund is:
  • To indemnify such complainants, respondents and defendants as it agrees in matters challenging development in Wilmer Place, N16.
Since then more than 300 people have donated money. To ensure accountability, we are therefore holding an AGM, where a set of accounts will be available and where we will elect trustees for the coming year.  
The constitution states that:
Any individual who donates £50 or more shall be accepted as a 'Full Member'.
Any other individual who donates to the fund shall be accepted as an 'Associate Member'.

Full Members will have the right to attend meetings, stand as MC members and to vote in elections. Associate Members will be entitled to attend meetings, but will not have the right to vote or stand for elections.

If you would like to know whether you are a member, would like to stand as a trustee, or have any other questions about the fund, please contact Jane Holgate:  
An informal social
Once the business is concluded (we aim to do this by 5:30pm) then there will be an opportunity to socialise informally. 

Spread the word
We will keep you updated, but in the meantime, feel free to share this newsletter with friends, family, neighbours etc, and share it on Facebook/Twitter etc.

Stop Press
We're working closely with Abney Park Trust and the Users' Group to hold a walk of Abney to highlight the ecological and conservation damage that this development will cause. More details nearer the time, but we're hoping it will coincide with one of Abney's excellent Fun Days, possibly on 6 September.

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As always: thank you Stokey!
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