If you have not noticed, Texas is in the middle of a true crisis. Thousands of illegal immigrants (many are unaccompanied children) are pouring over our border, every single day, with no end in sight. My conservative colleagues and I have been working to push leaders in the state to make this a top priority.      
There are 3 things the state of Texas needs to do immediately to address the problem:

1. Make sure all the children have their basic needs met before they are returned back to their families.

2. Turn off all magnets and benefits that are going to illegal’s that we have control over.

3. Secure the border, by any means necessary, to stop the criminal element and public health concerns.

I commend Rick Perry and believe the surge (information available here) is a good thing, but it is not the permanent solution Texans, like you deserve.  I've heard from many of you that you are sick of being sold out by politicians on this issue. The can has been kicked down the road for far too long. We must solve the problem right now, and that is why I am continuing to call for a special session to deal with the problem and not just another temporary band aid. Texas must lead on this issue.

The Austin Establishment wants this problem to just go away. They want you to quit calling and emailing them. It won’t just “go away” and I hope you do not either. Keep the pressure on them as much as possible, demand action. When you, the grassroots, rise up in unity, they cannot ignore you. This must be your victory because they will not act without you requiring it.

I will be departing for the border Friday night to meet with Texas DPS and gain a better understanding of “the surge.” I want to see what our current plan of attack is and what else must be done to address this crisis.

My staff is working tirelessly on finding legislative solutions. Unlike most politicians, I am asking for your feedback. What do you think we need to be doing and how? It is my job to be your voice in Austin, to do so I need to hear from you. So please, fire away!


For Liberty,


P S – There are many costs associated with these trips and my staffs extra time and effort. If you can help us continue this fight for Texas with a donation it would be greatly appreciated. Our funds are very low from the last campaign.       


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