Announcing Our New Artist
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Announcing Our New Artist

Dear <<First Name お名前>>,

I am thrilled to announce a new addition to our kira kira life artist 'ohana (meaning family in the Hawaiian language). 

Please welcome Sol Flower Botanicals from Maui, created by my good friend Orius. 

Orius's products promote organic and natural ingredients that are "Human & Reef Safe."

He believes that it is important to raise the awareness of the power of botanicals, and the positive effects of using natural products that protect the well being of the people and environment of our planet. He closely studies each ingredient in all his formulas to ensure the safety of the whole circle of life. You can choose all natural, yet highly effective products simultaneously!

Click the image to read the Sol Flower Botanicals' profile page, and please browse his products below.

May you shine from within,

Akari Ueoka (owner)

Skin Serum
Nutrient dense, anti-oxidant rich, and aroma-therapeutic botanical oil blend. Super foods for your skin.
Hawaiian Spirulina Clay Mask
Cleanse & nourish your skin for a radiance that shines bright. Hawaiian Spirulina provides deep nourishment and a cool green color to your mask, while exotic healing clays gently pull away impurities & blockages, leaving your skin beautiful!
Sun Care
This botanical formula is designed to provide superior protection & healing from UVA sun damage, which is responsible for photoaging, causing damage such as premature wrinkling, dry leathery skin, free radicals, Sun spots & potentially skin cancer. 
Hair Serum
The exotic & multi-useful hair serum. It helps to condition, lock in moisture, repair split ends, tame frizziness, and create just the ‘right’ amount of body. 
‘Iliahi Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil
Let yourself dive into the frequencies of ‘Iliahi, the native Hawaiian species of sandalwood. This white flowering variety is only found on the Big Island of Hawai’i and has a warm, spicy & sweet aroma. A rare and beautiful gift from the islands. 
kira kira 250 Project
Remember that at kira kira life, we put aside 10% of our revenue.
When we reach $250, we will donate it to a non-profit organizaion that is helping the lives of children in meaningful ways.
You are contributing to the lives of children while you shop.
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