Announcing Our New Artist
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Announcing A New Artist

Dear <<First Name お名前>>,

kira kira life is always growing!

Today, I'd like to introduce our new artist, Emiko Sato, the creator of Just Living Aloha.

Emiko says, "I consider it a miracle to live on this gorgeous island of Maui, where nature and spirituality are abundant. I don’t want to live aimlessly, so I named my work with the hope that my appreciation for the miracle can be conveyed through my creations."

She continues, "Nowadays, it is quite easy to obtain various products, but the same convenience makes it easy for us to throw them away." 

I wholeheartedly agree with her. I feel sad when I walk into a store that sells mass produced, not-so-easy-to-go-back-to-nature products because I feel like I am seeing "future trash" nicely displayed.

Well, Emiko has contributed to this dilemma by creating something very cute. Please do check out her creations below.

May you shine from within,

Akari Ueoka (owner)

Just Living Aloha by Emiko Sato

Just Living Aloha by Emiko Sato Dishwashing Sponges

My close friends know that I loooove washing dishes.
I think it is because I get a visual satisfaction of something getting cleaner right in front of my eyes. And I love water.

But what if you're not a big fan of washing dishes?

Well, these cute sponges will make your dishwashing time fun!

Acrylic yarn has very fine fibers similar to microfiber, and absorb water, so they wash dishes well even without detergent. (Only when I need to wash really oily dishes do I use a small amount of detergent. Also, I heard that adding some baking soda and/or vinegar works well, too.)

Because you do not have to use detergent much, it is gentle on your skin and on the earth - and it also lasts for a long time. I’ve had the same one for 3 years! You can wash it in a washing machine or a dishwasher, and you can dry it in the dryer. It is also scratch-free, so you can use it for many purposes, such as washing a bathtub and a car.

It’s not only cute, but also ecological. Innovative design and high functionality while being gentle on earth is what kira kira life is all about!

Emiko has created many different designs, so check out your options.
See the Cute Dishwashing Sponges
Just Living Aloha by Emiko Sato Eyeglass Cases - Owl

With this cute owl eyeglass case, you can keep your pair of eyeglasses safe and snug.

Pulling the string up, which is attached to the inner layer, will bring your glasses out, and you can use the inline fabric to wipe your glass lenses. 
Just Living Aloha by Emiko Sato Eyeglass Cases - Owl Innerline
Just Living Aloha by Emiko Sato Eyeglass Cases - Owl Green Sage
Check Out the Hoo Hoo Owls
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