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For weeks now, I have started this newsletter with a bit of a rant. It's my way of grappling with my understanding of the world and getting clear on what I'm learning about it and myself in the process. The reason I share it here with all of you is because I want us all to be asking the tough questions.

To interrogate the things we think we know or understand in addition to the social constructs we've accepted as the rule. Asking not only why the world we live in functions as it does, but what other possibilities could we envision? We can't create a better world if we're limiting ourselves to the imaginary box of the capitalist white supremacist cis-hetero patriarchy.

That principle applies on the individual level too. We should also be questioning the things we say we want. And the things we don't. Even better, the things we've said we could do without. Your desires (and non-desires) are your prerogative, but it can't hurt to ask why. To investigate if they're actually yours or something you've simply inherited. Or further, if they're based in fear. It can be scary to admit we want something because that makes it real. Right along with the possibility of disappointment or feelings of failure if it doesn't come to pass. But what are you losing by pretending otherwise?

Albert Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” I think that reason might just be to keep us from stagnating. The answers don't always come easy, but we can't get there without the willingness to sit with the discomfort of the question first.


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