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I love February. Because it is both my birth month and Black History Month (Note: Feb 25 - an important day in history). Something about this February feels different. This Black History Month feels different. When I was in school, February was usually the only time where Black people were featured as part of the history lessons. And even then, the line up was predictable. Harriet Tubman leading the enslaved to freedom, George Washington Carver blessing us with peanut butter and Rosa Parks ending segregation on public transportation. Every. Year.

I am being a bit hyperbolic, but regardless, my point remains the same. While I was fortunate to have parents who provided me with their own cultural lessons, it still begs the question: The history of Black people is vast, and yet the same events and figures seem to get all the airtime, why is that?

We know that Black history is US history, but it is also world history. We hear about the Atlantic Slave Trade, but never the Haitian Revolution. Black history also includes queer people, but rarely ever do we learn about Bayard Rustin being one of MLK's key advisors. Harriet Tubman is revered for her many accomplishments, but the fact that she was disabled often goes unmentioned. As with any narrative, one must evaluate the narrator, and who and what is missing from these historical tales based on who is telling them.

This year has been one of cultural reckoning and I have to say that I expect more from the history lessons Black History Month. Even in terms of my own learning. We can all level up in one way or another. For me, this looks like centering Black educators who hold additional marginalized identities. What about you? I want to hear from you. Reply to this message telling me a few of the actions you are going to take to expand your celebration of Black history this month?


I love to ask my clients, “What's another way you could look at this?”

We all have our interpretations of the world. The story we tell ourselves about the events in our lives. Yet our version often isn't the only possibility. Taking a second to reframe the situation can be a powerful tool for growth. The ability to claim our power in a given moment isn't always in changing the situation, but in changing our perspective.


Sharing some of the learning and moments of community I have been exploring:

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