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Community + Accountability leads to 90% more success. Don't quote me on that I just heard it somewhere, but in a year where finding my way has been more challenging at times than others, it's proven true. When each day just rolls seamlessly into the next, it can be hard to find the motivation to get started. What even is time?

One fateful day on Instagram, a friend posted that she was looking to start a virtual focus group — a place to gather and work on personal projects or work or anything else you’ve been putting off. A few mornings a week, a small group of Black women meet over Zoom to co-work together. We put ourselves on mute, enter our intentions in the chat, and get to work. Sometimes cameras are on, sometimes they're off. One might be dressed for the day, while others are still in their robes and bonnets. Maybe you show up late or have to leave early. It doesn't matter. The point is just to show up.

At the end of the session, we spend a few minutes catching up and discussing the work we did or didn't do. Cheering each other on, while also reminding ourselves that we can try again tomorrow. Sometimes the anticipation of giving a status report is the only thing motivating me some mornings. There's even a good chance this newsletter might come up in tomorrow's debrief. I didn't even know most of these women before a few weeks ago, and yet now I have a whole new support system. We might not be physically together or even working on a joint project, but we are working towards our dreams together. I might be a "solopreneur” and we might be in a pandemic, but neither of those things means going at it alone.


On the list of things to do this week, let's all add: Learn how to accept a compliment. There are a multitude of reasons as to why compliments might make someone uncomfortable, but I can't coach all of you in the span of one newsletter. My point today is that dismissing a compliment because it makes you uncomfortable only serves to transfer your discomfort to the giver. They tell us we did a great job and we say, “It was nothing.” They wonder if it was great. Someone says we look fantastic. We say, “I got it on sale,” implying we’re more proud of our frugality than their ability to notice such a fabulous ensemble. Whatever the situation, by downplaying their words, we've ultimately implied that they have poor judgment. Talk about awkward…So the next time someone pays you a compliment, fight the urge to deny it or to shift focus, and just say thank you.


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  • BSerene is on a mission to keep her fellow Chicagoans experiencing homelessness warm with her signature beanies. You can contribute by donating funds, purchasing a beanie of your own, or join her on Thursdays at 7pm CST to Craft a Helping Hat.

  • What do you call an alligator with a vest?

  • With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines throughout the country, Taylor L., is volunteering behind the scenes to help coordinate their administration to our front line workers in her hometown.

  • On the list of Black women from Colorado making moves — there are still a few weeks to check out Jordan Casteel's first solo NYC exhibition.

  • Queen Dionne has quickly become a prime example of when parents go rogue on the internet

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