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As you may have noticed, you did not receive your weekly dose of Ivana's Three I's last week and here's why…

For the last couple of months, I have been residing in Houston, Texas. I came here for a change of scenery and to escape Colorado's winter weather. If you saw any of the news coverage last week, then you know my efforts were futile. While much of the country was paralyzed by freezing temperatures, it was basically the end of days across Texas as millions were left without power, and later, water. Kind of ironic, considering that Houston is the “energy capital of the world.”

As for whose fault it was, lots of fingers have been pointed. The blame has been passed back and forth from the energy corporations to local and state government officials, and even to Texas residents for thinking the government or the utility companies might owe them something in exchange for paying taxes and service bills. Not freezing to death in your own home is apparently not included in the terms of service.

Regardless, this failure was decades in the making— the result of deregulation and prioritizing profits over people. Collusion between corporations and legislators is a tale as old as time — and not one drawn across party lines. There isn't a single state that isn't at risk of a similar infrastructure failure experienced here. In 2017, the American Society of Civil Engineers, found the national grade for US infrastructure to be a D+. Because as a nation built on capitalism, it will always choose to sacrifice many in order to serve a few. To say that the past week has been infuriating would be putting it lightly, but it would be unfair to rest my anger solely with the state of Texas. For it is only a piece of the greater issue at hand.


It's my birthday week and I had originally planned to share some reflections on turning 30, but I simply do not have it in me. Instead, I ask that if you can, please contribute to mutual aid groups in Texas. There are many people still dealing with the ramifications of Winter Storm Uri who could use our assistance and compassion.


Have your own moment to celebrate or someone else's? Hit reply to share it with me!

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