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I was eight years old when the Columbine High School shooting was happening a mere 30 minutes away from my elementary school. The Century 16 movie theater that was attacked in 2012 is one that I continued to visit with my friends and family prior to the pandemic. It's not a stretch to say that my formative years have been shaped by mass shootings and to feign shock over the instances this past week would be disingenuous. Instead, they serve as another example of the ways in which white supremacy enacts violence on each and every one of us. Lawyer/Abolitionist/Friend, Amber Ashley James, posed what is my question of the moment:

“How do you keep people safe in a country like this? From a country like this?”


For the last couple of weeks, my shared insight has been centered around the idea of rest and the scam of productivity. While these are part of the capitalism falsehoods that I am constantly trying to unlearn, the recent impetus for this focus has been the book, Laziness Does Not Exist by Dr. Devon Price. They examine what they call the “laziness lie” which is the ridiculous idea we've been sold that we are not working hard enough and that rest is something to be earned. Their exploration has left me with many notes, both in regards to my own personal habits and as it relates to my coaching philosophy. Learning to recognize the pressure for what it is— outdated societal expectations— and figuring out how we can do our best to resist it.


Taking some space to hype up fabulous people in my world doing great things!

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