The best hip hop showcase of the summer: Gothic Cholo (LA), Brooklyn35, Hieroglyph Thesauras & a breakdance set!



Mackswell of RHLS and Alison of Big Law Country Club have teamed up to present 3 of our favorite hip hop acts... a showcase and a ceremony.. In the last few years we haven't seen a big crossover in the Bushwick DIY music and art community and the hip hop community.. You're probably asking yourself, "whats the difference?" So are we. If you've been paying attention there's a ton of new hip hop artists making some strong impressions with credit overdue...  On Wednesday August 7th get prepared for a multi-dimensional and parallel dimensional showcase from some of the East and West Coasts' best in experimental and fusion hip hop, and some raw young talent from Bedstuy proper.  Consider this night a introduction to the 4 elements and the beginning of a stronger bond between two of New York's most important entities, the DIY venue and the hip hop community.  Wednesday August 7th at The Silent Barn


“has lived with music indestructibly for what seems like ages now and shines with a cosmic force in the underground hip hop scene that is unlike anything else before him. With his plethora of projects and solo work, he has been paving out an existence in the last 15 years or so that stretches limitations of how genres should co-exist together and the possibility of darkness and the light living together in an unassuming and humble manner. Wild style raps, side winding beats, sci-fi jazz, lush inner workings of mutated synth and an overall balance between the incendiary and mythic truths that leaves his music in a state of suspended bliss.” -Sound Colour Vibration. Check out the complete review of the two part album, Gothic Cholo "Plastic Tears"   and listenable links.

Bizzart aka Gothic Cholo has been a long-time ally and RHLS Band Ambassador since 2006 in the early days of our anti-pha-shun movement in Seattle WA.  Homie is coming out for one short week of shows.  If you can't make the Silent Barn showcase do catch one of his other shows. They are sure to be some of the hardest hitting soul wrenching performances of 2013. GOTHIC CHOLO BOOM 333 Tour. If you're a promoter or venue reading this consider putting him on.


A progressive collective of musicians, singers, emcees, DJ’s, producers and visual artists who, instead of being pigeon-holed by the hip-hop genre, hang their hat on versatility. Brooklyn35  is a diverse collective of various styles, including jazz, R&B, soul, and dance. The collective’s process is in the vein of classic Motown. All aspects are collaborative from the song writing to the production. Most of their songs are created in a jam session environment. This process ensures that the music is clever spontaneous and unique.  On August 7th Brooklyn35 will feature backing band Damage Control, DJ Tough Dumplin and various Brooklyn35 emcees.


Hieroglyph Thesaurus is the epitome of what didn't happen to hip hop during its trend following era. A unit that speaks on internal, and external issues lyrically.. Never being anything other but themselves..  Hieroglyph Thesaurus is a trio of young men conveying a message of positivity and clarity in this current era of life in Brooklyn.


603 BUSHWICK AVE, NY 11206


We are still making the final selection of who will be the featured crew for the evening.  RSVP and check the facebook invite for updates, we are hoping to lock down some talent thats willing to host a breakdance workshop so YOU can learn how to properly execute a 3 point stall or backspin!
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