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We hope you fellow volunteers are enjoying the start of what we hope will be a bright 2015 for the Junction.  Already there has been a lot of activity. 

Higgs Estate

You may have attended one of the recent events held by Parritt Leng, the developers behind the failed application for the Higgs Industrial Estate.  If so, you'll have seen that they've come back with new proposals.  They've made some changes to address our concerns but, from what they have shown us, we do not think they go far enough. 

We expect Parritt Leng to submit new planning applications in the coming days or weeks.  We will be holding community meetings once the application is in so please watch for notifications.

Loughborough Junction Station

LJAG has met Larry Heyman from Govia, the train operator that has taken over from First Capital Connect and which is responsible for the train service through Loughborough Junction and the upkeep of the station.  We had a useful meeting at which Mr Heyman undertook to:

  • look at building a waiting room on the station;
  • investigate reinstating the levels of compensation for late running trains offered by FCC and reinstating the benefits offered to season ticket holders;
  • consult users on the placing of ticket barriers.
For our part LJAG undertook to:

Please keep tweeting your photographs of overcrowded trains with the hashtag #LJsardines. We would like this to catch on so Govia gets the message that late running trains and overcrowding are not acceptable.

Loughborough Junction is on Track

Loughborough Junction is on track to be immortalised in music thanks to a collaboration between local artists and performers.  Following an appeal by Walter Reed of the 7 Bridges art project for musicians from the area to write and perform a number expressing feelings and emotions about living in and around Loughborough Junction, a song has been recorded telling the story of the development of the area over the past 150 years.  A truly collaborative affair that draws on local talents including song writer Ben Hughes, poet Jim Belben, local folk violinists Catherine and Kitty, the choir of St Saviours school and the Cambria pub choir.  The song has been performed at a number of local events.  The project is being recorded by a film crew with a view to it being the subject of a TV documentary. 

And it’s not too late to be part of it – organisers are looking for talented young musicians in the area.  The brief is to say something more about Loughborough Junction and in particular what it could hold for the future.  There will be a recording session on the XLP mobile studio bus at the Marcus Lipton youth project in the Spring – spoken word, vocals – riffs and ideas are welcome. 

If you would like to get involved please contact

Miguel's Boxing Gym 

Miguel's Boxing Gym on Hardess Street are running some community classes.  Check out our website listing for more information.  

The Platform is looking for an artist

The Platform is a new and exciting place located at the centre of Loughborough Junction.  It is a space where people can try new ideas and launch businesses.  They are looking for a local artist to carry out a small commission on the Wyck Gardens facing side of the Platform - someone who can bring vibrancy to the building. For more information check out the Platform's website

Loughborough Farm

Our green fingered friends at Loughborough Farm have been busy levelling off the ground for the arrival of the new shipping container and there are plans under way to construct a water gathering installation with associated greenhouse. John and Craig from City Surburban did an amazing job delivering some much needed wood chip.  There will be a 'For the love of Pizza and Poetry' fundraiser on 14 February at the farm. Please get in touch if you can bake us a cake.

Business Association

Our business association have scheduled their first meeting on 4 February

With thanks from the Loughborough Junction Action Group
Our purpose - "We are a group of local volunteers who aim to improve the quality of life in Loughborough Junction for all who live and work in the area".

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