Dear Friends,

I want to share with you a rather large development in my clay world, and invite you to participate in what will be a career and life changing and improving event.
Some of you know that I, like many small businesses and independent artists, have struggled with the challenging economy over the past two years.  Last year I had to close my working and teaching studio, liquidating much of my studio equipment and supplies, and I spent the following months borrowing friends’ studio and equipment to keep my handful of continuing, orders satisfied.  I added a part time job into the mix after the first of the year to offset the extra time I needed to continue production while not in a dedicated studio, and only a few months ago did I take a leap of faith in my recovering business to sublet part of a studio space to better concentrate on my work and increase production.  Still playing catch-up, but with a constant determination to emerge stronger.

This brings me to this most wonderful recent development.  I have been invited to join The Village Potters, a newly formed co-operative of six professional ceramic artists that will include a contemporary gallery, working studios, and a teaching center.  As a member of this group, I will finally have a studio space where I can feel truly rooted, with all steps of my production process finally under one roof, and working with professional artists dedicated to each other’s success as a way to build their own. 

I will also be teaching again, and those who know me know how much I’ve missed that! While I am confident in the many qualities and skills that I can bring to this group, with my past experience with gallery management and teaching, I am extremely excited about the direct and indirect mentorship I will receive in working with these artists and what it will mean to the development of my work.  It is an honor to be invited, and I am grateful and humbled.

With this great opportunity comes a great many new responsibilities and commitments, and I write you now to ask your assistance and participation in making this next step a smooth transition that will show a return that reflects not only this immediate effort, but everything I’ve been working toward for the past five years.  In addition to upfront costs to join the group, I will be replacing some studio equipment I had to let go last year, and I will be developing a portfolio with the goal to jury into some professional artist guilds and associations (a requirement of joining that is a long over-due step for me).  As a way to offset this cost, I am inviting friends and patrons to make a modest investment in me.  I know times are still tight for so many of us, but my hopes are that a small investment multiplied by many will make the difference in my being able to take this opportunity. I’ve created what I hope are attainable levels of participation below, and of course any help is greatly appreciated.

If you are not able to make this investment at this time, I still greatly appreciate your past interest in my work and your support!  And, if you know other arts patrons who may be able to take advantage of this offer, please pass this on.

Once again, I thank you for all the support you have given me, whether you’ve only recently purchased my work, taken a class, or if you’ve been with me from the beginning. I can’t wait to show you what’s next!
Peace & Gratitude,
Lori Theriault
Crazy Green Studios
Asheville, NC
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How you can help Lori join The Village:
$100       the ‘Medici’ level. In appreciation, you will receive two special gifts out of the first kiln I fire at The Village, as well as acknowledgement on my website and in my studio.
$50       the ‘Vanderbilt’ level. In appreciation, you will receive one special gift  out of the first kiln I fire at the Village, as well as acknowledgement on my website and in my studio.
$25       the ‘Family’ level. In appreciation, you will receive acknowledgement on my website and in my studio.
$1.50       the ‘Jobless Recovery’ level. I appreciate it, but you hang onto that and come buy me a cup of coffee.  I’ll need it!
Checks may be made payable to Lori Theriault, and sent to:
96 Bartlett Street
Asheville, NC 28801

Some Recent Works

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