Dear loyal Public Lands for the People Members,
PLP would like to thank all of you who came out and supported PLP at the Stockton GPAA Gold Show last weekend. It was a great show and couldn’t have been so successful without the many volunteers from the 3 clubs that worked tirelessly for three days! Central Valley Gold Prospectors, Delta Diggers, Sacramento GPAA Chapter and the East Bay Prospectors are AWESOME! Not only did they work tirelessly to make the GPAA Gold Show a success (of which they did a fantastic job!), they voted unanimously to donate the major prize raffle proceeds to Public Lands for the People to continue in the legal fight to bring back dredging to California! Are they just the best folks or what? PLP Board Member Jerry Shodall, myself and our lovely wives worked the PLP booth and had a terrific time meeting so many friendly, highly supportive folks that thanked us for being at the shows. We saw many old friends and made a bunch of new ones and are thankful for you all. We can’t fight these things without all of us pitching in and doing our part.
Another hardworking club, The Route 66 Club voted to donate their entire portion of the Pomona GPAA Gold Show major raffle to PLP. What a great bunch of folks, who understand the stakes are high in the legal cases and are willing to put their money where their mouth is! THANK YOU!
PLP along with American Mining Rights Association (AMRA), hosted a roundtable discussion on all types of legal land issues and updates at the Stockton show which was very well received. The GPAA is happy to see this cooperation amongst the mining community and more of these gold show talks to inform miners are planned.
Just as we were unpacking from the show, another road closure issue has raised it’s ugly here is theACTION ALERT:
The Cleveland National Forest has decided to close more roads and it’s up to us to let them know they need to allow miners access to their claims! They need to hear from a bunch of us, and FAST!
The public comment period ends on MARCH 19th!
Attached is the letter from the Forest Service Supervisor William Metz announcing the closure of “unauthorized routes”, which in this writers opinion is political correct speak for old roads that have been historically used by miners and other outdoor user groups for many years.
Please take 10 minutes and write a letter ASAP reminding them that they need to allow miners access to their Federal Mining Claims under the 1872 Mining Law. You can email your comments to:  Please be polite and remember, they count the number of responses FOR and AGAINST. We need to be in the majority to make a difference in the outcome.
Remember, if we all do something, even a little, we will accomplish a whole lot! 
Let’s take it back and KEEP IT! 

Thanks to you all,
Ron Kliewer, PLP VP

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