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Ron Kliewer, V.P., Public Lands for the People
Dear PLP Members and other concerned Citizens,
We have been busy the last month with the
  1. Ruling in our favor on Federal Preemption on the combined dredging cases in San Bernardino,
  2. Raising funds and awareness at the GPAA Gold Show in Pomona and
  3. Preparing for our big fundraiser at the Sleepy Bear Mine in Randsburg on Feb. 25th (where the big Octoberfest PLP Fundraiser was held).
We rolling out a new website: which is active but still under construction. The Randsburg PLP outing details are posted on there under EVENTS.
Many of you have heard that Senator Diane Feinstein is at it again, proposing more sweeping closures of our public lands. We are active in the fight to keep this from becoming reality. This is where you come in! We need folks to get the word out about this backroom deal locking up a couple million MORE acres of lands from multiple use (i.e. no mining or “rock hounding”). Please send out letters, make phone calls to your elected officials asking them to STOP and listen to miners and other outdoor users. Below is a sample letter Jim Wharff has sent to one newspaper. You are welcome to use it and sign your name. You may personalize it with your comments, but please be respectful.
This week, Rep. Paul Cook wrote a letter to BLM and other government agencies explaining that miner’s interests need to be included in the discussions, and that miners have a right to be there as Federal Stakeholders. There are over 17,000 active, papered mines in California alone! Feinstein’s bill should be stopped, and miners should be included in all discussion of multiple use public land issues, period.

Thank you for supporting PLP, and thanks for joining us in this fight to keep our public lands open! We are taking it back and KEEPING IT!
The Public Lands for the People, all volunteer, Board of Directors

 Please send this letter below to the links at the bottom of the letter and put it in your own words.

 Dear  _____________________                               Date________________
I was disappointed to read in The Desert Trail of February 12 that Supervisor James Ramos has come out in favor of the Desert Conservation Act of 2015.  I can only assume he has done so as to fall in line with his party.  If you notice I have left out the word Recreation in the title.  Mrs. Feinstein’s idea of recreation is far different from mine and many others within Southern California who enjoy the desert.  I recommend that people should sit down and take a very hard look at what this Bill is proposing.  In my view it is another restriction set forth to keep the public off of public lands.
The proposed ‘Sand to Snow’ National Monument would surround Morongo Valley on all four sides.  If I owned land in Morongo Valley I would be seriously concerned about this.  I ask the land owners of Morongo Valley how long it will be before private land is looked at to become part of this Monument.  Don’t think it can’t happen?  Ask the ranchers and land owners and mining claimholders within the Mojave Preserve.  Ask the same question of the former land owners of Pipes Canyon. 
As a whole the grassroots off road community does not back this Bill.  Only the heads of recreation on DAC and CORVA are the ones backing it.  Due to President Obama’s “supposedly” not signing anymore executive orders, which Feinstein hoped to use this “idea” to force through her Bill; her camp has tried to cut a side deal for Dumont Dunes with “Recreation”.  They felt their recreation (off roading), was being backed into a corner and they felt this was their only way to save it.
Feinstein left out small scale mining completely and has not followed the laws regarding minerals and mining. Her bill leaves loop holes that allow the government to further restrict our public lands anytime in the future. Feinstein has placed specific language in the Bill that leaves it open to future changes, changes that can further restrict land use and close more public land altogether.
San Bernardino Supervisors and Recreation groups have not taken a thorough look at other alternatives, alternatives that are safer and more advantageous to recreation while keeping in mind the protection of the rights of miners under Federal Law.  If this Bill passes it would be a terrible blow to their constituents who enjoy recreation in the deserts of San Bernardino and the other counties in which this Bill covers.
We can only hope this Bill never makes it out of the Senate Committee on energy and natural resources.  All those who believe enough is enough, I urge you to write to Senator Lisa Murkowski, chair of the Senate Committee and ask her to let Feinstein’s Bill die there.  People, it’s time to take back our Public Land and KEEP IT!
City_____________________    State__________________

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