A follow up to our meeting in Dallas. Help us get the word out!
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Hi LadiesthatUX and UXPA Dallas!

It was wonderful to meet you—and for those that didn’t make it out—perhaps you’ll want to get to know about us and the Women in Tech Project.  Marti Gold kindly gave us your names and we’ll be putting you on our mailing list for infrequent communications. If you do not want to receive them please opt out.
As a follow-up to the talk: For the survey, please keep in mind that we are in the beginning of creating a measure so it is longer that we ultimately want it to be. You can take it in more than one sitting. We are looking for 100 more engineers, product managers, UX, design folks who will complete it to do our first analysis. At this point we aren’t measuring men, people managers, consultants, academics, or people doing personal research—that may be a future.
So if you are part of a team perhaps you can all take it and you will have the basis for a shared conversation!
Otherwise keep in touch and reach out for help improving women’s participation at your company or for our work in Contextual Design and Innovation.


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