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Creating a culture of values, not jerks!

Happy Thanksgiving,

With the holidays ahead, this is indeed a time to be thankful, but honestly I’m still reeling after the attack at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburg, as well as the Thousand Oaks shooting and California Fires.

As you know, I started my work on retaining women in technology and, my non-profit, because I’m passionate about ensuring that our industry takes advantage of the creativity and skill of women and other under-represented groups. Creating a culture of professionalism and value no matter what category a person belongs to is even more important in light of current events. I’m proud and honored that so many people have volunteered their time to work on the WITOps project – and I invite all who wish to join me. 

At the Grace Hopper conference this year, we presented our workshop on Team Onboarding and our first checklist to help managers do a better job helping new hires be successful.  

Team Onboarding: I’m still on a high after the annual Grace Hopper conference where we presented our Team Onboarding checklist for the first time. The Onboarding OP was created because our survey shows that 50% of women don’t know what to do to be successful. We started with research to understand what helps people get up to speed and feel welcomed right away. Using that data we created the checklist. We are getting a great reception from folks at Grace Hopper who want to sign up for the Living Lab. To participate companies try the checklist with their new hires and we will learn and iterate the approach. Contact me or sign up to volunteer your organization.

Career Power Board Game: One of our first Ops was creating a board game to helps teams, colleagues and managers talk to each other about issues that face women, new hires, and probably everyone when traversing their careers. This is also a great way to help people be successful and become part of the team.  Please help us produce the game by donating and preordering games  Or sign up for one of the consulting levels (small, medium, or corporate) to educate your staff, team members, and human resources.  

Jerk or Valuing Behavior: This is our new research Op to understand which exact behaviors we want to target to help create a positive working experience. Issues related to interpersonal dynamics and bias have long been identified as putting women and underrepresented people at a disadvantage. Years of bias awareness and workshops have not eradicated the problem. Women often state, and our research confirms, that women don’t feel valued or heard. They say that men, managers, or teammates are “bro’s” or “jerks”. But what does this mean? In this OP we will identify specific behaviors that create or undermine connection and value – and then generate interventions that work. Let us know if you want to help! 

Please Donate: Until now we have been fully volunteer—and we want to keep that at the core of our culture. But we also need funding to keep things moving forward, pay administrative staff, fund travel and people to help with the research so that we have a small team to support the volunteer projects. Please help us open doors to companies for both collaboration and funding.


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