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It’s an exciting time for me and for InContext! Take a look at what’s happening as we shift from a focus on using our proven inquiry and design thinking techniques for product design to also attacking issues of diversity in organizations. It’s all about understanding people to drive innovation – products and practices. So check out the new website, new blog, new book, my sessions sharing The Women in Tech Project at CHI 2016 this week – and a contest! 

Finally, I’m excited that I’m now an Adjunct Research Scientist at the University of Maryland’s iSchool (College of Information Studies). I’ll be collaborating with the University’s professors and students and working on The Women in Tech Project. Stay tuned for our activities!

New InContext Website
A new era at InContext warrants a newly redesigned InContext website. I’m delighted to report that our new website has launched. We’re still working out some kinks in the mobile version but I wanted you to have access now. I think you’ll find it’s a great destination for updates about The Women in Technology Project, Contextual Design and the Cool Project, announcements, and my take on issues that matter to me and our community.

The Women in Tech Project has its own destination page to make it easy to get to all related forums, news, volunteer possibilities, and more: Come be part of our awareness campaign!

New Blog: Creating Dynamic, Valuing Teams
With a focus on product and practice I’ll be alternating my blogs to address innovation in both areas. This month I’ve written a new blog that describes one of the most important factors in the Women in Tech Framework. Our early research supports the role of the daily team experience in overall job satisfaction so please learn about it. This blog is the first of a series that will cover the critical aspects of the framework — and ideas that may help us improve our lives at work.

New Contextual Design Book available for pre-order
You have been waiting a long time — now it is coming! After 18 years, Hugh and I are retiring the classic Contextual Design book and writing a new edition. 

Contextual Design V2: Design for Life is completely rewritten, including how we have changed Contextual Design over the years and the impact of the Cool Concepts along with new models, design principles, and techniques. It introduces both the classic Contextual Design methods and the new techniques needed to fulfill core human motives while supporting activities across place, time, and platform. We know that the new book will continue to be a mainstay in university programs and industry user experience teams. 

Look for it in Fall 2016 and preorder now for a discount on the publisher’s website.

CHI 2016 Conference Events
Come to the CHI 2016 conference and meet up with me! I’ll be co-leading a SIG on Monday at 4:30pm and moderating a Panel on Thursday at 9:30am. Both are focused on the issues of women in technology and promise to lively, informative sessions where we hope you’ll help us gain more insight and generate solutions. And if you aren’t already, sign up and come to my table at the Diversity and Inclusion Lunch. Here are some details.
  • SIG: Diversity in High Tech: Retaining Employees Once They’re In the Door
    Carol Farnsworth from SAP and I will be sharing the initial field research and survey results from the Women in Tech Project, then SIG participants will walk data from the project, put up design ideas, and start to generate  possible solutions in small groups. We’ll share the results on the Women in Tech page of the new website. See the CHI schedule for more information and watch the 30-second video preview on YouTube.
  • Panel: Beyond the Pipeline: Addressing Diversity in High Tech
    There’s a dearth of women and minorities in technology so in response companies are investing resources to “fill the pipeline.” While this is needed, it alone won’t solve the diversity or gender challenge. I’m moderating a panel of HCI professionals from different backgrounds discussing the issue. The panel will share personal insights and react to the research and Framework. Then we will solicit your stories, suggested solutions, and perspectives. See the CHI schedule for more information and watch out the 30-second video preview on YouTube.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Lunch
    This lunch is a social-peer platform to celebrate diversity, discuss challenges, and collaborate on strategies to bolster diversity and inclusion in the CHI community. During the lunch, speakers will share their personal views and life experiences on specific issues. Attendees will then be invited to discuss related issues in lunch table groups; I’m chairing a table. Details are on the Conference website
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