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Good evening, <<Name>>! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. 

Though I like to spend some of the day relaxing, most Sundays I spend an hour (or so) in the kitchen to prepare for the coming week. I make salads in individual containers, cut up fruit, and sometimes I do a batch cooking session as well.

Today, that meant cooking about five pounds of chicken and a pound of ground pork with the results of enough main courses for six meals. Plus each of those meals will leave us with some leftovers for lunches. This was the result of today's time in the kitchen.

I figure that as long as I'm going to have to clean the stove, I may as well make it worth it, right?

Seriously, though, taking just a little time to do this kind of stuff makes life feel so much easier. Especially when I make peace with the fact that being a natural morning person means that when dinnertime rolls around, I am just DONE. And the last thing I want to do is cook. But I do want to eat, so this has become a solution.

I know that you just heard from me last Saturday, but  while I was cooking, I was thinking. And I realized that the next round of "Finally Love Your Life" begins next Sunday. And I want you to join me.

When it comes to loving my life, I will admit that sometimes it's been an uphill battle. In this day and age of social media, I know it can seem as if my life is full of ease, peace, and a dash of glamour. But it isn't. 

And it used to be SO much worse. I was depressed, worn down, and felt like I didn't matter at all.

But then I made the decision that I was no longer going to live or feel that way. 

And you want to know what? Making the decision that things needed to change was the first step. That was way back in 2005. Hard to believe that the girl/woman who preferred to be a victim is the woman I am today.

I will admit that it hasn't always been easy, but it's been worth it. To see myself as the Star in my own life instead of just a side note to everyone else's life. 

After more than a decade of being a life coach. And understanding that the key to loving myself, seeing value in who I am, and regularly ridding my life of the toxic inputs, I created Finally Love Your Life.

This is the second time I am offering the course. In the first round, a dozen brave women stepped up and gave it a go. 

Here's some of the feedback I received:

  • "As a result of class, I was able to dig in and shift some major challenges that were keeping me stuck in annoying and frustrating patterns."
  • “No matter what age or stage we are, sometimes life just isn’t everything we want it to be. This course offers amazing insight into some of the many reasons why."
  • "With these insights and some easy changes, I have grown, gotten more courageous and have way more delight and joy in my life."
  • "I appreciated the real guidance and suggestions that were given. For example, Debra didn’t just say it is important to rest, she gave real examples of what rest looked like to her, and in turn, helped me think of ways I could put it into practice. It is a very interactive class and in each module I experienced at least one aha moment."
  • "Deb Smouse has prepared an intensive program to help decipher the ways we can derail our own happiness, and, most importantly, lots of concrete tips and tricks for getting back on course to Finally Love Your Life.”

I was thrilled with the results and excited to offer this course again.

Because I had pulled together my best resources and found a path to guiding women to their own journey of self-discovery, sense of grace, and an ability to discover a deeper sense of joy.

Look. I am honest with you when I say that my life is full of imperfections. Just like you, I have days where I feel sad or lonely. Moments when I feel overwhelmed. I will always have periods when I need to wrangle all my piles of stuff.

Just today, I re-washed a load of clothes - for the third time - that had been languishing in the washer since last Wednesday (just keeping it real here, <<Name>>)

That's life, my dear. Full of all kinds of imperfections and messes. Yet, at the heart of all of that, I truly find moments of happiness within each and every day.

I won't promise you that taking my course will make you giddy every moment of the day. Or result in a "perfect" life. But I can sure tell you, my dear, that if you take a leap of faith, you can discover the woman you were always meant to be.

My life will never be perfect. And your life will never be perfect either. What I can teach you, though, is discovering the path to seeing beauty in ordinary living.

I don’t know what cosmic event happened to put you here with me right this moment. But I can tell you that I am incredibly grateful you’ve found me. Because when you work with me - either as a client or a student - I will always see the best version of you. Often before you can see it.

So, whatever motivated you, to not just BE here, but to read through this nakedly honest love note to you, that is a whisper from the heavens. Let that motivation carry you towards making real changes in your life.

Allow me to guide you along the path to a deeper, more fulfilling, and nourishing life. To discover what you truly need in order to love yourself the way you deserve.

Because if I can find the way, I know that you can, too.

We began Finally Love Your Life next Sunday....and I would love it if you would join me.

And for eleven weeks  - plus a couple of breaks along the way - I'll share everything I learned to go from a miserable, said, weak ninny of a person to the woman who knows I am worthy of the most important kind of love: love of myself.

And because I am so determined to help other women be the woman they always thought they could be, I am offering a special discount that will give you 50% off the tuition.

Use this code:  isntshelovely2019 

That applies to the single payment and the six payment option.  And you know what? If you want to hire me for one-on-one coaching in addition ot the class, I'll honor that code on the option for the course + 6 coaching sessions.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or challenges, please let me know.  I am just an email away.

I hope you'll allow me to support you on the journey to loving yourself and your life.

See you on Saturday with my regular love note!  I sure hope you have a great week!

With so much love,

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