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I Just Can't Keep it a Secret Any Longer

Hey and good morning, <<Name>>! I know you just heard from me last Saturday, but...

I couldn't wait another day to let you in on the top secret project I've been working on for the last year: a brand new course!

Last year around this time I realized that too many of the friends I loved were suffering. It was as if they could no longer access those "good" emotions we long for -  like joy, delight, or happiness.

What was the root of this? All this stress and anxiety. Worrying about things they couldn't control. Obsessing over politics and terrible news stories. Feeling guilty if they did have any tiny morsel of pleasure...

And, darling, that is no way to live.

So, I put my thinking cap on and began to work with the idea: what would it take to detox from all the negative inputs in the world and find the path to loving life again?

Like any big idea, this one took on a life of its own.

How could I offer comfort, encouragement, and just enough of a kick in the patootie to help folks focus on the good stuff rather than the negative?

I wanted to create something that was useful and comforting. So, I consulted some of the wisest people I know. Studied the latest research and classic books.Dug into my personal experiences to identify my best life hacks. Examined my own conscious around where I get in my own way....

And then, I stepped way outside my comfort zone. I went to New York and spent several days with my filmmaker friend Jen Lee to create a series of videos to highlight a journey from here to there. From feeling dissatisfied to loving yourself and your life more than ever.

And from this, I created this for you ==> (Click on the Image Below to Watch the introductory video)

In all honesty, I created TWO new courses.

First I created a course that took place over several weeks. But then....Because I wanted this material to be accessible to more folks, I added an introductory course - as a FREE Master Class: Inspire Happiness in 7 Short Days.

It begins May 12th. It's a week long course with lots of live interaction (thanks to Facebook Live). (And I am open to hosting some telephone conferences, too)

You can learn more and sign up here ==> Register for My Free Gift for You: to Inspire Happiness in 7 Short Days (May 12th to May 18th).

Some of the topics included are:
  • Exploring the excuses you’re unknowingly (maybe a little knowingly) that are keeping you from living the life you desire.
  • How to use jealousy and envy to get clear on what you desire and frankly need.
  • Making You Matter - what to do and how to cope when you feel invisible in your own life    
  • How to make life feel easier so you your feelings lead you into the direction of living a healthier life, even when it’s hard!

The Master Class - Inspire Happiness in 7 Short Days -  is stand alone.

Or can be used as a building block for the 11 week course: Finally Love Your Life

Because you know that transparency and authenticity are a big deal for me, know that I will talk about "Finally Love Your Life" - which is 11 weeks long and begins June 1st - during the Free Master Class: Inspire Happiness in 7 Short Days.

Since I personally despise hard sales, long sales pages, and all that nonsense, I won't be bugging you ad nauseum about the full course. And I promise not to spam you or try to push you into joining me this summer. If it's a good fit for you, you'll know.

Please join me And feel free to share this with others. Invite your sister, your best friend, and your co-workers to join in.

See you next Saturday with my regular love note!

With so much love,


If you're curious...

Want to know the details on the 11 week course? 

About Finally
Love Your Life:

If happiness, ease, consistency, and grace are what you long for, I’m here to tell you that it’s nowhere near as hard as it seems.

Where you are on this journey is a part of the universal experience you must go through to find your own version of happily ever after. No one can do it for you, AND if you want to be happy, you must do it for yourself.

I know what it takes to walk this path, because I’ve done it. To help the women in my life, I pulled together my best tips, tricks, and life hacks that took me from barely hanging on to thriving in my own life.

Learn more about this this transformational journey from who you are TODAY and who you really desire to be.

If it's something you already know you want to be a part of, use code LoveMeIn2019 before May 18th to save 25%.
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