Is Your Business Continuing to Grow?
Is Your Business Continuing to Grow?
Spring is one of my favorite times of year. Now is the time where flowers are in bloom and time to plant your seeds. Just like spring gardens, businesses need to continue to be seeded with new ideas in order to continuing to grow or your profits will not show.  

I am an Education Specialist trained by eBay to teach the eBay classes. The highest level of training is the Certified Business Consultant program through EBay's Power University. I have recently completed the required studies, and scored 100% on the test and am now a Certified Business Consultant. I saw an opportunity to advance my skills and can help you develop your education.

One of the things I have noticed is a very common statement made my students after each class is that "they want to learn more". A very successful business man once said when asked “What one thing made him so successful? It wasn’t the one thing that made him so successful. It was DOING MANY things that made him such a SUCCESS."
There are a lot of business people with good ideas out there. But very few who take immediate action. They wait to gather all the details, such as having financing and waiting for the perfect timing. Don’t get hung up in the details, just move forward with your idea.  Just by getting into action you’ll be ahead of 95% of the people around you.” The purpose of the Super Sellers Club is to help you continue your education and plant those seeds. Every month you will be presented with information in the form of a monthly call, with an authority in a different field, an action worksheet and two short reports sent to your email.

Clear out the weeds and clutter in your business. Sometimes our lists simply have too many items on them and they need to be simplified. I sat down to evaluate where I was and what I wanted to achieve in my businesses. I realized I was trying to do too many things and needed to focus more on a few goals. So I removed several items from my list…for now anyway.
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Solutions to Selling on eBay From Your #1 EBay Expert!
Trading Assistant & Certified Business Consultant
P.S. I have a couple of openings in the Basics of Selling class and Beyond the Basics this Thursday. Give me a call 530-693-0386 to get signed up!



Picture Above-My mail lady hates Mondays!!

Shipping Reminder
To qualify for eBay Seller Protection, be sure to:
  • Communicate proactively with your buyer throughout the transaction.
  • Ship items within 7 days of the stated handling time on your listing. For pre-ordered or made-to-order goods, ship within the timelines stated in your listing.
  • Use a shipping method that provides tracking information and/or valid delivery confirmation to the address in the PayPal transaction details or eBay order details page.
  • Signature confirmation is required for transactions over $250.
  • Retain your shipping documentation
  • Respond to the eBay resolution process in a timely manner.

Ask Gail

Ken asked this question "Is it true it will be FREE for me to sell my items on eBay?"
Gail replies "
You may have heard that starting May 1, 2013 you can get from 50 to 2,500 FREE listings per month. Final value fees will be simplified to 5 competitive category-based rates as low as the 4%. You will have more flexibility with standard fees (no Stores subscription): Starting April 16, your 50 free listings per month can be listed Auction-style or fixed price. Pay just one flat 10% final value fee—only when your item sells. The stepped final value fee system has been discontinued in favor of a fixed selling fee, based on the category you are in.  Computers will decrease as those FV fees drop to 4%. In Consumer Electronics, Cameras & Photos Categories the new final value fee will be 6%. Musical Instruments & Gear Coins & Paper Money FV fees will be 7% and 8% on motor parts and accessories. However the final value fee for antiques, collectibles, home garden, beauty and almost everything else will be 9% which is a huge increase for all sellers. So even though the initial auction maybe free to list your auction once it sells it is not free and we will have to wait for a few months to see if you will have a decrease or increase in the end the total costs."

Class Schedule

Basics of Selling on EBay, April 11, 2013 8-noon
Beyond the Basics , 2013 April 11, 2:15-4 pm

Basics of Selling on EBay, May 9, 2013 8-noon
Beyond the Basics May 9, 2013 12:15-4 pm

EBay Stores Class April 25, 2013 9-3pm

Call 530-693-0386 to RSVP today or email 

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  Most Wanted List

Antique Beaded French Purse -Sold $100
Solid Silver Coins
Gold Pocket Watches
Antique Mannequin
Antique Ice Box/Refrigerator

What is A Mastermind Group?

Due to ever increasing requests from students, let me introduce you the concept of the Mastermind Group. This group is dually focused on both marketing and entrepreneurship. We will work as a group on personal performance and productivity issues and this will involve personal accountability.

This is a different kind of mastermind meeting and coaching experience than I have ever offered at Hidden Creations. There will be a limited number of memembers in this group. You will be hearing more about this group over the next couple of months but if you are interested in becoming part of the group you can contact me at

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Gail says "I sold an antique two tier fruit bin to a buyer in Las Vegas. Her husband Roger picked  up the piece of furniture and strapped it on the back of the family vehicle for the trip back. He was very creative in strapping the fruit bin to his vehicle!"

Roger says "Beautiful piece, wonderful people to work with, thank you!"
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Matthew Arden
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