How to Save Money on Shipping!
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 How to Save Money on Shipping!

Have you noticed an increase in your shipping costs? I sure have and the cost of shipping an item can mean the difference between a Buyer making a purchase or deciding to pass on your auction.  In January the USPS shipping costs went  up an average of 9.5%. One positive point  in the rule change is you can ship items that are up to 16 oz. now First class instead of the previous 13 oz. weight limit. A couple of years ago I asked my friend Duane Haley owner of Mail Box Plus in Yuba City,  who is a Certified Packing Specialist and Certified International Shipping Specialist to share with you a few tips on shipping. I thought I would publish it again as a reminder of how we can make sure our packages arrive safely and save on the cost of shipping.


Your Trusted EBay Adviser

Tips for Shipping Satisfaction
 Duane Haley
Small and light -- No kidding that it can cost a fortune these days to ship large items! UPS and FedEx use dimension when calculating how much it costs to ship a box. The Post Office also has a "balloon charge" for "oversize" packages. When choosing a gift that will need to be mailed, think small and light. It will save you a bundle when it comes time to ship.
Ship early -- Overnight shipping has gone up with fuel prices in recent years, so be prepared for sticker shock if you wait til the last minute. If you ship two weeks before your arrival date you have plenty of time to get it there for the least amount for most locations. Ground service by UPS and FedEx can take a week to cross the country. USPS's slower service is 2 weeks, and longer to Alaska and Hawaii....
Over-pack-- The secret to having fragile or delicate items arrive in good condition is to over-pack. Double box fragile items. Marking "Fragile" on the box will not change the way it is handled by the machines that sort your packages at every sort facility between Yuba City and Bangor, Maine. If it won't survive a drop of four feet onto a concrete floor, it probably won't arrive at its destination unscathed. Use generous amounts of bubble wrap and packaging peanuts. For heavier items, use polystyrene foam or plank. And remember to overfill the box with peanut/packaging materials as they will compress in transit and you don't want the item moving or banging around inside the box.




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