Hidden Treasures In Your Home Can Be Worth Money
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Your Trusted Ebay Adviser
Hidden Treasures In Your Home Can Be Worth Money

Some people think estate and yard sales are just full of junk. But sometimes, one man’s trash can truly be another man's real treasure. I frequently get calls from people who have collected items for a long time and want to know what  their things are worth. They ask me, "Do these items have value? Will someone want to buy them?" May be you need to do an estate sale, downsizing, or moving. I am frequently  amazed by the unique keepsakes clients have. One of the things I love about my job is the excitement when  the  buyer  and seller make the perfect transaction after a long sought after treasure. Last fall at one of my estate sales I sold a Honda motorcycle that had been in the families garage for years! The family had enjoyed it and were ready to part with the bike. Mike a motorcycle enthusiast saw my ad and ended up purchasing the bike. After several months of working on it he has restored it to its original beauty.

Antique and vintage clothing are another item that can be a treasures in your house. I recently visited 317 Upscale Resale, a local store owned by Lynn Williams that had racks of wonderful fine vintage clothes.
Many people think that grandma's wedding gown, christening  gown and even clothes from the 70's have no value.
They make the mistake of giving away or donating these valuable possessions before I  have a chance to consult with them. So before you dispose of household goods and clothing check out my "Most Wanted List" of popular categories. Somebody may be searching for something you have.  If you would like to receive a copy of my list contact me at  or 530-693-0386.

Your Trusted EBay Advisor
When shopping at 317 Upscale Resale in Marysville,   I spotted this shelf that I thought was such a creative way to use and display your vintage luggage. Instead of cutting the suitcase in half Lynn used the entire suitcase to make the shelf. The suitcase is the perfect way to display your collectibles, books or could even be used as a night stand.
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