Even though it is still cold in most parts of the country, planning ahead for the growing season and warmer weather is really important. Now is a great time to start some of your seeds growing. I asked our Master Gardener to share some words of wisdom on starting seeds indoors. Below is an article she wrote for our readers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

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Successful Seed Starting Indoors

     Successful seed starting indoors is dependent on creating a nurturing environment for the miracle of germination to occur.  This environment must include several things.  At the top of the list are heat, light and the proper growing medium.  But first, we must select a container.  In your local home store, you can purchase a wide variety of counter-top seed starting containers but if you are a recycling enthusiast, you can reuse plastic take-out containers from your favorite restaurant.  The bottom portion of the takeout container will need to have holes poked for proper drainage.  The clear lid may be used to keep in moisture and heat while allowing light to reach the soil surface.  A second lid can be used to catch any water run off. There is commonly a vent in the clear plastic lid which will need to be covered with plastic lid which will need to be covered with plastic tape to prevent water from spilling out of the second lid. Next, we need to consider the growing medium.  Young seedlings are very delicate and susceptible to fungus and mold, so I recommend purchasing a sterile seed starting mix.  Some people simply put old soil in the oven to sterilize it but starting mix is so inexpensive that I don’t think it’s worth the trouble.  After choosing your seeds check the package to determine the depth to plant them.  A general rule is to plant the seed 2 ½ times its diameter. Some seeds, like lettuce, must have light to germinate so they are sewn directly on top of the growing medium.   Moisten the soil to begin the process of germination and keep the mix evenly moist but not soaking wet.  Place the clear plastic lid on the container and put it in a warm location.  Many seeds benefit from an inexpensive heat mat to keep the soil warm.  Remove the lid when the seeds have sprouted and are 1 to 2 inches tall. A full spectrum grow light placed two inches above the tallest seedlings helps to prevent them from becoming long and spindly.  Transplant to larger containers when the seedlings have two sets of true leaves.  Remember, when your new seedlings have a true root system to begin using Shake and Grow granular or liquid. Apply 4 to 6 shakes every 3 to 4 weeks per 8” pot. If using the liquid mix 1 tablespoon into 1 gallon of water and irrigate your plants.  Distribute evenly over soil surface and water immediately after application. To thin seedlings use scissors to snip off extra ones at the soil level rather than pulling them and disturbing the roots of desired plants.  Be sure to check germination time and days to maturity in order to determine which plants need to be started early for your area.  If started too soon you may have to deal with nearly mature plants before it’s time to safely plant them in the ground.

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 Debbi Doty
 Master Gardner

Damaged Yellow Bell
Ask the Plant Doctor....
My Yellow bell plant froze it got down to 28 degrees in Arizona.. Will it come back it the spring? Tom

Yes, your plant will be fine in the spring, just cut it back and cut off the damaged seed pods and any of the frost damage. To keep your plants as healthy as possible remember to fertilize and apply Shake and Grow.
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