6 Tips on Growing Tomatoes

     Last week I was visiting my neighbor and as I was leaving he said "I want you to look at my tomato plants. I only had enough of your Shake and Grow left in the bottle to put on one row and you sure can tell the difference. The plants with the Shake and Grow are taller and healthier than the other plants in the other row (see picture above). We always recommend more than one application but it was nice to see the plants in his garden.
     I asked our Plant Doctor to share a few tips on growing tomatoes.
  1. When buying plants select healthy vigorous plants
  2. Plant in full sun
  3. Soil needs to be well drained
  4. Fertilize and use Shake and Grow Granular or Liquid as recommended
  5. Protect young tomato plants from snails and slugs
  6. Avoid refrigerating freshly picked tomatoes 
     The research card below shows pictures of tomatoes that were picked from plants treated with and without Shake and Grow. You will notice the Shake and Grow plants had larger yields of larger and medium-size fruits. Another benefit we had more tomatoes that stayed on the fingers of the vine and did not aport during the growing season. During the nutritional analysis when we sent the fruit into A & L labs you will notice the increase in nutrients in the Shake and Grow treated tomatoes.
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      We are sorry to inform you of the passing of Becky our Tennessee Shake and Grow distributor. I never had the opportunity to meet her. We only talked on the phone, she contacted me because she loved plants. We enjoyed hearing all about her garden plant parties she hosted. What a prayer warrior she was. Praying for God's peace and comfort for your family and friends.
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