I Was Paid To Clean My House!!
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I  Was Paid To Clean My House!!

Having a reason to clean your house can sure be motivating,  Over the last few months we had been interviewed by editors and writers for the 700 Club.  The interview covered our personal, family life and one of our businesses.   We weren't sure in the beginning if our story would even be of interest but then in early August we received the call that they would be sending  a Producer, Cameraman and Sound Person to film  the story at our house.  I started cleaning like a mad woman going through the whole house getting rid of items and clutter, that we never used,  did not need or just didn't bring us joy any more.  I sorted everything into three categories:  give to our local missionary friends, donate, and sell online.  I am happy to report I have made over $890 on things that were not being used!  Finally it was time for the interview  and we were able to enjoy the whole day spent with the camera crew from Tennessee.

I did get rid of tons of items and it has been so much easier and quicker to keep the house clean now.  I have posted the 4 minute interview on my website Click here to see the interview from the 700 Club
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How Much Are They Worth??

When I was cleaning out my house I listed a large lot of wooden spools of thread and a few miscellaneous sewing items in an auction. One eBayer asked if I was willing to separate the sewing shuttle from the wooden.spools. We agreed on a price of $25. It was not the crown jewels but I was glad it went to a wonderful home.I have seen shuttles sell on eBay for $500+. Below is an article I asked the Buyer to write about sewing shuttles. 

Sewing Shuttles
by Peggy

The first tatting shuttle I got was a sterling silver one that I found among some things that belonged to my husband's grandmother. At the time I didn't think much of it until a few years later when I got to see someone actually tatting with a shuttle. I was fascinated and after many attempts to teach myself, I finally got it. I started looking for patterns and I discovered that there are many beautiful shuttles out in the world. I have collected a number of sterling silver shuttles, some with enamel on one side. There are many plastic ones of various colors and sizes. The one you are sending me is made of rubber. There are even tatting shuttles made of wood, bone, and shell. I have about 50 shuttles now. I really enjoy tracking them down at estate sales, flea markets and even thrift shops. I keep a couple in my purse because when I ask someone if they have any for sale, I sometimes have to show them what a tatting shuttle actually looks like. Other times I will get to hear a nice story about a grandmother or great aunt who did tatting. Its a fun hobby.


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