Trash or Treasure-5 Tips Every Person That Attends A Yard Sale Should Know
Trash or Treasure-5 Tips Every Person That Attends A Yard Sale Should Know

     So many people love yard sales and its that time of year again. A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a reporter from our local newspaper. He writes a financial column weekly for the paper and wanted to learn more about yard sales and eBay. Print the article, share it with your friends  and keep the tips on your refrigerator before going to the next sale. Click hear to read the article featured in the Appeal Democrat
      Below are five tips you should read before you attend your next yard sale:

1) Early Bird-The best items can be found early so visit the sale at least 1 hour before the start time or the day before when they are setting up. Stop by the sale a second time an hour or two before the sale ends and you can get the best deals.

2) What is Hot & What Is Not-Avon bottles, beanie babies are NOT HOT!!  Lionel trains, 70's items, and many vintage and antique items in great condition are!. Look at the completed sales on eBay to get an idea for what things sell for to determine the popularity.

3) Is It Real or Fake? Look at how the item was put together. Real antiques DO NOT have screws, glue, staples!

4) Don't Show Them The Money-Bring plenty of change with you. If they want 20.00 for an item and you settle on 15.00 don't pay with a 20.00 or they will be less likely to bargain with you again.

5) Dress For Success-You do not want to give the appearance you have lots of money so do not wear your Sunday best. Wear comfortable shoes, jeans, shorts and shirt are the best attire for going to yard sales.
If you drive up in a luxury car they will assume you can afford to pay more. 

     In the next week or two I will have two estate sales and will allow EARLY VIEWING for my preferred local clients. Both estates are for clients that are 90 years old and have collected a lot of nice things. If you want to be notified of the time and places to preview this sale, text or email me your phone number. My phone is 530-693-036 and email is

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Ask Gail

Do you only sell vintage items on eBay or can you sell new items? Nancy
Gail replies:
You can sell both new and used items on eBay. Because I sell items for other people and myself I never know what I will be selling. One day it might be a hummer engine, the next a mid era vintage couch, or even a phone boot!.  I also sell new items that I purchase wholesale for resale..

Gail's Comment On Question  Ebay Fee Increases In May
Last month Ken asked what the increase in eBay fees would be having on the bottom line in May. It is still to early to determine but I looked at three of my auctions that were identical, commodity items that sold in April and May. Two of the May auctions had the same fees as April and one auction had the fees increase by 1 percent.
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Mammy & Pappy Black Jolly Bank Memorabilia
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Vintage TV Trays
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Lionel Trains
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