Peace Lily-Easy Tips For Plant Care

     House plants have always been a great way to decorate your home. One of the most popular plants is Spathiphyllum also called "Peace Lily." These plants are nice additions to your home or office. They are relatively easy to maintain. Peace Lily plants like do not like to sit in water, so be sure to choose pots that have good drainage. They do best with frequent watering but if you overwater them, the leaves will droop. If you see a plant with droopy leaves, simply water less often and they should perk up quickly. Peace Lily is a tropical plant and it thrives in high humidity. In dry seasons, placement in a bathroom may provide the desired humidity. Another choice is to mist the leaves regularly. You only need to fertilize these plants once a month. Use your granular Shake and Grow or Liquid Shake and Grow. According to NASA, Spathiphyllum is a natural air cleaner or air purifier which makes this easy-care, beautiful plant a perfect choice for your home or office. 
     Natural light but not direct light is best so you don't want to locate your plant on a windowsill. As is true for many plants morning sun provides Peace lily with the best growing environment. Harsh mid-day sunlight can burn the leaves.
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