As we approach fall and winter this is a time of in-gathering, which goes all the way back to Bible times. Back then they would harvest all the oil crops, vine crops, apples, pears, fruits and nuts.  Everything that was produced during the year would be brought into the warehouse. They would then celebrate a feast of in-gathering and then prepare their many crops, plants and trees for the winter.  Now is an excellent time to be applying Shake and Grow on your many plants and trees. Shake and Grow will strengthen the root system for the winter, it will strengthen the buds so you will have vigorous growth and development early in the spring and give your plant better health to survive the dormancy of winter. Come by New Earth on Saturday, Oct 6 from 11-3 and visit our table (see additional information below) and buy your Shake and Grow. Think of your plants they need to be prepared for fall and winter just like we prepare our homes for fall and winter.  Our plants need the same consideration and Shake and Grow is an excellent option to be able to do that. In the spring your plants will be thanking you.

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Customer Appreciation
New Earth Market
1475 Tharp Road Yuba City
Sat. Oct. 6, 2018 
15% Off Storwide

Autumn Plant & Bake Sale
Garden Gleanings
1822 Hwy 45 Glenn
Sat. Oct. 6, 2018
30% Off All Plants
 Check out our website for the distributor nearest you or our on-line store. Click here for distributors and retail locations   For questions  about Shake and Grow give us a call today 530-693-0386.  Click here to order your shake and grow today 

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