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What Is On Your Most Wanted List?


     I enjoy talking to people and hearing what kind of treasures they are looking for at estate sales and on eBay. Years ago I developed a list I call "The Most Wanted". The list has changed over time, and I am continuously adding additional items to the list. When I have a new client I give them the list so that they have an idea what our buyers our interested in. If you would like to have a copy of The Most Wanted list or want to add something you are seeking email me at        Sometimes I do have a client that only has a few things to sell. I will contact one of our preferred buyers that has expressed interest in collecting specific items. For example I have two people on my list that collect non working vintage motorcycles. In my phone contacts one of my buyers is "Motorcycle Mike" . He picked up this bike shown ABOVE, years ago and a few months later sent me a text with a picture of the restored bike.  If you have a specific interest please email me your name, email, phone and what you collect. You never know what we will find next!. 


     If one of the things on your Most Wanted list is a Honda ATV, Willys Jeep, boat or even an antique farm wagon click on the link below for more pictures and information.

Click on link for additional pictures and information

     The next estate sale coming up is scheduled In April and is going to be a big one. It has many of the most sought after  treasures.  Some of the finds will include antiques, furniture, garden statuary, yard art, appliances, collectibles, tools, and much more! As the sale gets closer I will be sending out additional emails and updating my website with a list, pictures and videos. 
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April 5-7 2018

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Husband Award

Thank you to those that were able to attend our last sale in Yuba City a couple of weeks ago on Rosewood Ave. The  item in the picture was the last thing picked up from the sale and we sold every piece of furniture. The very nice lady that purchased the Ethan & Allen buffet fell in love with it and is going to put it in her kitchen. Her husband gets a special award in my book. because the kitchen is to small and they are going to have to remove a wall between the kitchen and laundry room and remodel to make this piece work!
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Some of you have asked how to find my ebay store. Click on the link toGailsHiddenCreations Thank you for supporting my small business.

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Do you want to know when the next estate sale is that Hidden Creations is coordinating or hosting? To get the latest information be sure to check out our  website estate sale page and  "like" our facebook fan page.
Thank You For Your Kind Words.....

We were so blessed to find Gail for an estate sale in Browns Valley for a friend whose husband passed away. Household items plus the large barn with contractor tools and supplies were overwhelming for the family to manage. Gail's professional and knowledgeable team organized everything! They found the right price points for all the tools. Including a tractor. The sale went off without a hitch. We look forward to attending her sales in the future as a shopper.
Cindy F.
Browns Valley

It’s THE most organized “yard sale” ever. But you’re still allowed to make an offer on items. There are people to help you load heavy items, so you don’t have to “come back with your stronger spouse/spice”, someone to collect money (so no looking for whom ever is running it/waiting for them if they’re helping someone else). Estate sale was cool because there was a lot I don’t think most people sell for that cheap a price, unfortunately for them (deceased?divorced/downsizing?) I’ll be following this page for future sales!
Brittany S.
Yuba City
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