Do You Know How To Sell Your Items On Ebay?
Do You Know How To Sell Your Items On Ebay?
Do you know how to use eBay to sell you’re items? Or are you just avoiding it like most people because you don't understand how to use it?
Ebay is the #1 recommended buying/selling platform when it comes to online sales. It is a tool that NO ONE who is serious about business should shy away from.
Let me help you not only ENJOY eBay but you'll also begin to use it like a Pro quickly and easily- MAKING MONEY!
This month in our Basics of Selling and Beyond the Basics classes we are talking about "Ebay Made Easy!" This is going to be a blast! When you launch you auctions you'll have INSTANT access to potential buyers. If you have questions you are able to connect with me after the class for continual learning.
Here is what our July 11, 2013 (Thursday) class looks like-

  • How to list your items and sell your way to success instantly! Create your ebay user id, Verified PayPal account, Bio tips, photo tips and much more!
  • Doing keyword research on ebay to find the hot items people are looking to buy!
  • How to attract and keep more buyers per day and grow a big following! 
  • Regular scheduling and cleanup on your eBay auctions. 
  • Sharing life through Ebay- What to share and not to share!
  • Inspiration through Ebay: How to stay accountable & lead others!
  • Ebay is like a community! How to learn the ebay language.
  • Tools to use with eBay
  • Ebay auction tips (HOW to do an ebay auction from start to finish)!
Let's get started! I'll see you at the class!
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Have a blessed day!

Solutions to Selling on eBay From Your #1 EBay Expert!
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Ask Gail

Do you only sell vintage items on eBay or can you sell new items? Nancy
Gail replies:
You can sell both new and used items on eBay. Because I sell items for other people and myself I never know what I will be selling. One day it might be a hummer engine, the next a mid era vintage couch, or even a phone boot!.  I also sell new items that I purchase wholesale for resale..

Gail's Comment On Question  Ebay Fee Increases In May
Last month Ken asked what the increase in eBay fees would be having on the bottom line in May. It is still to early to determine but I looked at three of my auctions that were identical, commodity items that sold in April and May. Two of the May auctions had the same fees as April and one auction had the fees increase by 1 percent.

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Class Schedule

Basics of Selling on EBay, July 11, 2013 8-noon

Beyond the Basics July 11, 2013 12:15-3 pm

Basics of Selling on EBay, Aug. 8, 2013 8-noon
Beyond the Basics Aug. 8, 2013 12:15-3 pm

EBay Stores Class August 22, 2013

Call 530-693-0386 to RSVP today or email 

Free Class-For Non Profit

If you are a non profit and take both my classes immediately following the Beyond the Basics class I will have a 30 minute class on Giving Works the eBay class for nonprofits. RSVP for this Class in advance is a must.  Please share this information with your favorite nonprofit.

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  Most Wanted List

Limited Edition Japanese Art Pictures
Vintage Buttons-Glass & Rhinestone
Featherweight Sewing Machine 221
Clothes 1800's

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