Imagine Growing Your Own Victory Garden In 2020
      For those of us that didn’t grow up in the 40’s and don’t know what a WWII Victory Garden was, during the war families were asked to make do with less and provide food for their family and neighbors. The Victory Gardens were vegetable gardens planted during the war to provide food for the family, neighbors and troops. Families would work with neighbors to plant large gardens in backyards, vacant lots, parks, baseball fields, schools and churches to provide fresh veggies for the food for family dinner table.
     My parents grew up in the 40’s when the Victory Garden was a part of daily life. They both had chickens and my dad remembers Esmeralda providing them with fresh eggs daily.  My mom remembers food being rationed with gardening the way to provide food for the family. She says “My Mom did most of the work.  My job mainly was picking the vegetables, weeding, hoeing and knocking Japanese Beetles off the plants into a tin can container.”

     My mom says “I liked husking the corn and getting all the silk threads off them.  Shelling peas was a favorite, and taking the strings and ends off green beans.  We had a rather large garden with all kinds of veggies that my family liked to eat.  We always had fresh veggies on our table during the growing season and the rest was canned for the winter months.  We continued gardening until well after the war.  It became a way of life for us.”
     Let’s fast forward to 2020 in today’s uncertain times, many of us are on quarantine due to the Corona virus. Now is the perfect time to start your own Victory Garden. The Victory Garden doesn’t require a large area to start your own garden.  During the war, they dug up any and all available spaces. They used any sunny area including front yards, sidewalks, and even the curb.  If you want to improve your soil raised beds are a good option. Your garden can be as small as a few flower boxes filled with herbs or other vegetables.
     Spending time together has always been important to our family. Gardening is the number one hobby, it can be very relaxing, relieve stress and is a lot of fun.  It is a good way to bring the family closer together.  My grandkids have enjoyed coming over, working outside in the yard, helping with planting seeds, watering and watching the plants grow, and then picking tomatoes and other veggies off the plants. We are planting seeds in our future by teaching the younger generation to appreciate the love of growing their own Victory Garden!


     You are never too young or too old to enjoy the Victory Garden with family and friends.  Start your Victory Garden today.
It is important to give those plants a healthy start. Once those seed and plants get growing be sure to fertilize and treat them with granular or liquid Shake and Grow. If you are willing to share your pictures with us and our readers what you are growing, we would love to see what is in your garden. Enjoy the extra time with your family.
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