Continue to practice gratitude to increase self-control, patience and happiness. 
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Thanksgiving shouldn't be over. More gratitude = more self-control & patience.

Are you 'done' with gratitude because Thanksgiving is over? If so science suggests you are missing out on an opportunity to boost your self-control, patience and success. Will you be setting New Year's Resolutions? How about revisiting your 2016 Goals and Best Possible Future? If so, you can set yourself up for success in 2017 by choosing to start or continue a gratitude practice now. Gratitude doesn't need to be an annual event, it can be a practice you continue to master throughout your lifetime.

The research-based benefits of gratitude, both in and out of the workplace, are nearly endless. According to this 2015 workforce study, organizations that apply values-based recognition practices experience lower turnover, higher employee engagement, improved team relationships, and a more ‘human’ workplace culture.

A recent study also found that when participants felt grateful they were more patient and had increased self-control, even more so than participants who felt happy or neutral--researchers believe this may be due to gratitude eliciting a sense of fulfillment and more opportunities in the brains of those who practice it.

For more on the science of gratitude and strategies to apply at work, see Gratitude in the Workplace: Research-based Tools to Increase Happiness and Engagement

Happy Brain Action: Express Specific Gratitude

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." - William Arthur 

At Happy Brain Science, we recommend a specific recipe for gratitude that helps to maximize its impact: state the Specific Behavior that was performed, the Primary Feelings it gave you, and the Behavior’s Impact on you, your team or your organization as a whole.

You can express specific gratitude more often at work by starting off team meetings with recognitions, creating a gratitude board for people to thank one another, or simply reminding yourself to start giving sincere and specific thanks more often. However you choose to express your gratitude, doing so will boost your mood and your relationships at the same time. We'd love to have you share with us how you share gratitude; please use the social sharing buttons above or below.

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December Events

Below is the list of organizations and events where we will be teaching people to apply the science of flourishing over the next month. 

Umpqua Bank, Portland, OR
Truly Tapping Your Strengths and Those of Your Team
Thursday, December 8th
Presented by Scott Crabtree

Portland General Electric, Portland, OR
Play Session: Choose Happiness @ Work
Tuesday, November 13th
Presented by Ayla Lewis

Nike, Portland, OR
Introduction to Workshop Series: The Science of Thriving at Work 
Wednesday, December 14th
Presented by Scott Crabtree

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