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The Science of Happiness in Action: Walking our Talk.

Some of you have seen me (Scott) present The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work. If you've seen it recently you know I use four themes to organize the science of being happier at work:

  1. Prioritize People
  2. Soothe Stress
  3. Flow to Goals
  4. Practice Positivity
This month I wanted to share what I hope are helpful examples of how we put each into action. 

prioritized people by hiring Katherine Cooper and Ayla Lewis. Why work alone when the science of happiness suggests that our relationships are a key source of happiness? We continue to prioritize our relationships with each other over just about everything else in our work. How do you put people first at work? 

Ayla does a great job explaining in this video one of the key tools we use to soothe stress: visualization. In addition we practice mindfulness, most notably by meditating together each Monday morning. What are your most effective ways of coping with stress?

Katherine ended up developing a cool little product: "Flow Flags", pictured above, to remind herself--and me and Ayla--that she was focusing in order to achieve the zone called 'flow' that science says is optimal for us. These sticky notes help us flow to goals here at Happy Brain Science, and now we are excited to announce that they are available for sale on our site. Katherine created this video to explain Flow Flags and how to use them. When and how do you get into the zone at work?

We like to think that we bring a positive attitude to work each day, and in that way, wepractice positivity regularly. One of the benefits of working with others is that when one of us is adopting an attitude that needs improvement, we can nudge each other toward a more helpful mindset with a smile. How do you build and spread positivity at work?

Whar are other ways you act on the science of happiness at work? How might we help?

As always, we would love to hear from you. Let us know what's working--and where you need help to be happier--by replying to this email, leaving a comment on the blog oron our Facebook page, or tweeting to @ScottCrab.

To your happy brain!

          - Scott Crabtree and the Happy Brain Science Team 

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Upcoming Events

Below is the list of organizations and events where we will be teaching people to apply the science of happiness over the coming months.

The first event below is open to the public with registration! We would love to see you in Portland; please see details below.

Portland HR Management Association (PHRMA) November Workshop, Portland, OR
Truly Tapping Your Strengths, and Those of Your Team!
Open to the public, registration required
Wed. Nov. 11th, 1:30-3:30 PM 
Presented by Scott Crabtree

Portland Juice Company, Portland, OR
Engaging Employees to Do Great Work, Happily! and
The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work 
Thurs. Nov 12th
Presented by Ayla Lewis

Oregon Judicial Department Interpreters, Wilsonville, OR
The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work and
Choose Happiness @ Work (the card game)
Tues Nov. 24th
Presented by Scott Crabtree

TriMet, Portland, OR
The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work 
Tues. Dec 1st
Presented by Scott Crabtree

Nike, Beaverton, OR
The Science of Happiness
Fri. Dec 4th
Presented by Scott Crabtree

Our Mission

Happy Brain Science delivers increased creativity, productivity, and profits by applying neuroscience and psychology to boost morale and engagement.

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