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Beyond Thanksgiving, Cook Up an Attitude of Gratitude

Tis the season to be grateful, but gratitude is more than a simple “thank you.” How can you express gratitude in a meaningful way?
Try the below “recipe” to rewire your brain to have an attitude of gratitude. Expressing gratitude at work matters because those who practice gratitude have better moods, show fewer symptoms of illness, exercise more and even earn more money. Gratitude boosts happiness, and when you are happier you are more productive, resilient, sociable, cooperative, successful and creative. Happier people do better work and help build stronger organizations.

Use this Recipe for Gratitude to express meaningful thanks.

When expressing gratitude, be sure to include the:
  • Specific behavior: What exactly are you grateful for?
  • Primary feelings:  How did it make you feel?
  • Impact of the behavior: What changed as a result?
Here’s my own example:

Ayla, I really appreciate your help writing a first draft of this November newsletter on gratitude (specific behavior). It helps me relax and focus (primary feelings) on my multiple speaking engagements this week and will help our newsletter subscribers be more specific and effective in their expressions of gratitude (impact). Thank you!

Boost gratitude even more with these interventions.   

A gratitude intervention is simply an activity designed to help you
experience gratitude. Used repeatedly and with feeling, these gratitude interventions seem to rewire our brains for happiness – not just during the few minutes it takes to write a daily gratitude list, but for months to come. Below are interventions that you can think about or try out over pumpkin pie and continue practicing in your workplace.

#1. Make a list of things, people and experiences for which you are grateful. Sonya Lyubormisky and others found that once a week seems to be the most effective frequency for gratitude lists
#2. Post a gratitude board in your workplace. As the image above shows, this is simply a place where anyone can write down gratitude for anyone else. It could be a whiteboard, a bulletin board, or even a section of light colored wall you would like decorated with gratitude!
#3. Express your gratitude to others by doing something nice: offer your help with a task, leave a kind note, or bring a snack to share. You can direct these actions of gratitude to the people for whom you are grateful or pay it forward.
Looking for more tips on gratitude? Happy Brain Science’s ebook This is Your Brain on Gratitude, shares additional actionable insights for how to start a gratitude journal, how to show gratitude at work, and how to savor positive moments.

I'd be grateful to hear from you!

I always appreciate your comments, feedback, questions and insights! Have you tried the recipe for gratitude or other gratitude tips? How else do you practice gratitude at work and what are the results? Simply reply to this email, or better still leave a comment on our Facebook page, or tweet to @ScottCrab so others can learn from you as well. I also answer audience questions on the Happy Brain Science blog.

With gratitude,
Scott Crabtree
Chief Happiness Officer

Photo Credit: Karen Kay via Flikr

Upcoming Events

Below is the list of organizations and events where I will be teaching people to apply the science of happiness over the coming months.

Unless otherwise noted, these events are exclusively for members of the organization, but you can contact me with any questions, to find out about public events, or to arrange a presentation or workshop at your organization.

WA School Directors Association, Spokane, WA
The Science of Being Happy at Work 
Friday, 11/21

Nike, Inc., Beaverton, OR
The Science of Happiness
Tuesday, 12/09

Activision, Santa Monica, CA
Truly Tapping Your Strengths, Lead Your Team with Brain Science
Tuesday, 12/16

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