MAY 2012

How can a FOAM ROLLER help me?

As physiotherapists we are finding that the foam roller is an invaluable tool in treating muscle tension and also stiffness of the thoracic spine. It is also a great way to develop your core stability. 

To increase flexibility the foam roller can be used to achieve myofascial release by rolling on the roller. This may not always be comfortable to begin with but if you start with 10-15 seconds rolling for each muscle group it will soon loosen and feel fanstastic. The muscle groups to work on are: Iliotibial band (ITB, outer thigh), quads, hamstrings, tibialis anterior (shins) and also paraspinal muscles. 

In treating patients with very stiff thoracic vertebra I find that mobilisation at home can be the key to achieving good results. The roller makes this possible. Patients see the benefits and that is what makes the foam roller our best selling stock item. 

Thoracic mobilisation can be done by lying on the roller when it is placed horizontally and rolling up and down, or by lying with the roller vertically and using arm movements with or without hand weights to produce more advanced stretching. For basic stretching for beginners it may be sufficient just to rest over the roller for 5-10 minutes.

Much like the physiotherapy ball, the foam roller can be used a clinical pilates equipment to create a challenge for stability muscles. This can be in lying, kneeling or standing and can be tailored for all levels of pilates programs. Please ask your physiotherapist for more information or attend one of our clinical pilates classes to find out more.
Article by Emily Shiel

Cheeki Products
 Exciting News...We have just had a delivery of some funky coloured Cheeki COFFEE CUPS and FOOD JARS! Perfect for travelling.. these are 100% BPA Free & Stainless steel with a hard plastic screw lid.

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Introducing our NEW member of Staff in reception...
Zoe Lummis!


Booking into Pilates Classes Online

Don't forget to book into your Pilates classes!! The timetable for the second term of the year is available online at: 
Spaces are limited so get in quick to secure your spot in a class. Also, if you are having trouble booking into classes online, please give the office a call on 98423020 or let the girls at reception know when you come in next! 

Exercise of the Month:

Iliotibial Band Stretch (ITB) on foam roller

Place the foam roller under your ITB (outer thigh) as demonstrated in the above picture. Using your arms, slowly move your body up and down the roller allowing it to massage the outer thigh. Breathe normally keeping your leg relaxed. Repeat this process for 15 – 90 seconds provided it is comfortable and does not cause pain.

Also check out this youtube video for a demonstration:

Craig's Joke of the Month:

There are three girls going to a water park for the day. One is brunette, one is a redhead and the last is a blonde. When they get to the park, they see a Magic Wishing Slide. They decide to give it a go.
The brunette is the first to go down the slide. She yells 'Monneeeeeeeey!!!'. When she shoots out of the end of the slide, she lands in a pool of money.
The redhead is next. She slides down and
yells 'Chocccollate!!!'. When she shoots out of the end, she landed in a pool of chocolate.
The blonde slides down screaming 'WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!'. When she shoots out of the end, she lands in a pool of...
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