Monthly Newsletter: May 2016
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Emily has written an great blog post this month titled 'Exercise and Rehabilitation in Cancer Care: The PINC Program'.
Michael's Medi Rub
Break free from muscle and joint pain! Formulated by pharmacists from natural ingredients and made right here in WA. Michael's Medi Rub is a natural massage ointment formulated for fast relief from joint and muscle pain or sports injuries. Suitable for sensitive skin and free from NSAID or preservatives. An effective massage product widely used by physiotherapist’s and massage therapists now available for you to use at home or on the run.

This month we have an exceptional SALE on all of our Michael's Medi Rub products. Come in store to grab yourself a bargain! Hurry, sale ends 3rd June. 
75g tube - was $16.95 - now $12.00
100g tub - was $19.95 -  now $15.00
250g tub - was $34.95 - now $27.50
Please note that Shiel Family Physiotherapy will be closed for the Western Australia Day Public Holiday on Monday 6th June, 2016. We hope that you have an enjoyable long weekend. The practice will re-open on Tuesday 7th June from 8.30am.
Don't forget to stay up to date with your pilates class bookings. Please contact reception on (08) 9842 3020, admin@shielphysio  or use our flexible online booking system at to reserve your place.
Get in quick and book to secure your place as spaces are limited.
A first grade teacher was having trouble with one of her students. One day she asked Johnny what his problem was he replied, "I'm too smart for the first grade, my sister is in the third grade and I'm smarter than her to". The teacher took him to the principals office and explained the situation to the principal.
The principal told her that he would give Johnny a test, and if he failed to answer one question he would have to go back to the first grade and be quiet. The teacher and Johnny both agreed.
Principal: "what is 3 x 3" Johnny: "9"
Principal: "6 x 6" Johnny: "36"
And so it went on like this, the principal asked him every question a third grader should know. Finally after about an hour he told the teacher, "I see no reason Johnny can't go to the third grade, he answered all of my questions right."
The teacher asked if she could ask him some questions. The principal and Johnny agree.
Teacher: "What does a cow have 4 of that I only have 2 of"? Johnny: "Legs"
Teacher: "What do you have in your pants that I don't have?" the principal gasps but before he can stop him from answering Johnny says, "pockets"
Teacher: "What does a dog do that a man steps into?" Johnny: "Pants"
Teacher: "What starts with F and ends with K and means a lot of excitement?" Johnny: "Firetruck"
The principal breaths a big sigh of relief and says, "Put Johnny in the fifth grade, I got the last 4 questions wrong myself".
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