Monthly Newsletter: January 2015
We have just had a delivery of new knee braces arrive in the practice this week. These braces are especially designed to help with patella tracking and stabilizing and are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Ask us about them today!
Dont forget to stay up to date with all of your pilates class bookings by visiting our website ( to book online. You can also call reception on 9842 3020 and book in over the phone.
A woman goes off to a health center for a week and has a series of beauty treatments, including waxing, facials, a special diet, saunas and more. When she gets back home fully revitalized and glowing with health, she asks her husband, ‘So, if you’d never met me before, just on the way I look now, how old would you say I was?’ Her husband looks her up and down and says, ‘I’d say from your skin, 26. From your hair, about 20. And from your body…’ The woman giggles girlishly and says, ‘you old flatterer, don’t you think you’re overdoing it a bit?’ ‘Hold on,’ says the husband, ‘I haven’t added them up yet.’
An old man tells his friend, ‘My wife tried putting on a mudpack to make herself attractive.’ ‘Did it work?’ asks his friend. ‘It did for a bit,’ says the old man, ‘but then it fell off.’ 
What makes a Well-Balanced Exercise Regime?
At the beginning of each year many people make health related New Year resolutions. However, just like diet and nutrition, fitness and physical well being do not benefit from fads or flash in the pan crazes. From a physiotherapy perspective, the best recipe for preventative health and great physical fitness is a well balanced physical programme that addresses your personal goals. ...
Article by Emily Shiel, APAM, Senior Physiotherapist
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