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​Registration is now open for

Feminist Theory and Music 13: Feminism and Black Critical Praxis in an Age of Scarcity
August 6–9, 2015

The Center for Black Music Research and the School of Music at the University of Wisconsin–Madison announce that online early registration is open for the thirteenth Feminist Theory and Music conference. The conference theme Feminism and Black Critical Praxis in an Age of Scarcity is in conversation with the 2013 theme, New Voices in the New Millennium, and explores the sustainability of feminist and critical race work in a new century marked by diminishing resources. Full program information is available at

Early registration fees are $125 for regular registration and $75 for student/retired registration. Do not register online after August 2. Walk-in registration fees at the conference during August 6–9 will increase to $150 for regular registration and $95 for student/retired registration. Please note that the registration fee includes the Thursday reception, Friday evening performance, and the Saturday Banquet. Students must present a valid student ID upon check-in.

FTM 13 will take place at the UW-Madison Pyle Center, with affordable conference lodging available at the Lowell Center. The Pyle and Lowell Centers are both located just blocks from the University’s Library Mall and pedestrian thoroughfare, State Street, which offers multiple restaurant options at reasonable prices. For additional information about the Pyle Center and The Lowell Center, please visit To make lodging reservations, please visit

Online Registration

Please go to CBMR’s Active Net login page at, then select the appropriate FTM 13 registration by clicking on either the FTM Banner or “How Do I Register in Activities?”.

If you do not have a CBMR Active Net account, you will be prompted to create one. Once you have logged in, add the appropriate registration to your shopping cart. You may also choose to make a donation to FTM or to the CBMR (or to both), and/or begin a CBMR membership. Once you have completed your registration and additional options, go to your shopping cart, and then check out. You will receive an immediate registration confirmation by email from Active Net, and you may also view and/or print a receipt from the website.

We look forward to greeting you in Madison for a successful conference.

Getting to Madison & Transportation

Madison’s Dane County Regional Airport is served by all major airlines via connections in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Chicago. The Madison Metro Transit service connects the airport with the campus area. Visit

The Van Galder/Coach USA and Badger Bus Lines also provide regular connections between O’Hare (Chicago) and Mitchell (Milwaukee) airports and the UW-Madison campus. Visit and


Thursday, August 6


1:00–3:00 p.m.: Session 1


Session 1a: Beyoncé

Jennifer Richardson, Session Chairperson

  • Annelot Prins, “The Queen B. of Independent Women—Bow Down Bitches: A Case Study of Celebrity Feminism”
  • Kristin McGee, “Star Texts, Self-Fashioning, and Public Intimacies in Beyoncé’s Audiovisual Oeuvre”
  • Justin D. Burton, “Feeling Themselves: Embodied Sonic Materiality in Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj”
  • Christina Baade, “Beyoncé 2013: Musicianship, Celebrity, and Motherhood”

Session 1b: Biographies of Musical Women

Annie Randall, Session Chairperson

  • Mary Natvig, “‘A Wandering Minstrel, I’: The Memoirs of Catherine C. Carl”
  • Joshua Palkki, “‘Walk Fully and Boldly in My Gender Truth’: The Musical Life of an African-American Transgender Woman”
  • Michele Aichele, “The Biographical Myth in the Reception of Cécile Chaminade’s Concertino for Flute, Op. 107”
  • Bonny H. Miller, “Augusta Browne’s Musical Branding and Marketing for the 1840s”

Session 1c: Musical Consumption and Anti-Capitalist Resistance

Jessica Courtier, Session Chairperson

  • Sophie Brunau-Zaragoza, “Kenya Arkana: Anti-establishment and Anti-globalization in French Rap”
  • Anaar Desai-Stephens, “The Work of White Female Musicians in the Modern Indian Event Circuit”
  • CJ Komp, “Dreaming of a White Christmas: ‘Holiday’ Songs to Undermine White Christian Consumerism”
  • Katheryn Lawson, “Canaries, Chirps, and Thrushes: Closer Hearings of the Jazz Aviary”

3:30–5:30 p.m.: Session 2


Session 2a: Musical Mediation of Voice and Body

Gayle M. Murchison, Session Chairperson

  • Maya Gibson, “The Blasphemy of Talking Black Feminist Politics during a Holiday Jahr”
  • Marta Kelleher, “Transgender Dysphoria Blues: Reinventing Laura Jane Grace”
  • Ben Dumbauld, “Ambiguity in the Aural Encounter: Female Vocality in the Era of Digital Manipulation”
  • Bethany McLemore, “Material Feminism and the Victorian Voice: Considering How Matter Matters in Musical Performance”

Session 2b: Dancing Bodies

Susan C. Cook, Session Chairperson

  • Vanessa Blais-Tremblay, “Between the ‘Bump-and-Grind’ and the ‘Branlements-et-Grouillements’: Quebec Modernity and the Black Female Dancing Body”
  • Julie VanGyzen, “Agent Provocateur: The Embodiment of the Sexual Female Body on the Burlesque Stage”
  • Lauron Kehrer, “‘The Year of the Booty’: Race and Gender Politics of the Hip-Hop Ass”

Session 2c: Reading and Hearing between the Lines: An Examination of the Narratives of Invisibility in American Music Historiography

Eileen Hayes, Session Chairperson

  • Felicia M. Miyakawa, “Hampton Institute’s ‘Lost’ Choral Directors: Nathalie Lord, Bessie Cleaveland, and Bessie Drew”
  • Kristen M. Turner, “Candie Carawan and Complicating Gender in the Civil Rights Movement”
  • Tammy L. Kernodle, “God’s Gonna Trouble the Waters: Examining Activism and Narratives of Black Consciousness in the Music of Post-War Black Women Composers”

5:30–8:00 p.m. Welcome Reception

Friday, August 7


9:00–11:00 a.m.: Session 3


Session 3a: Subversive Singing

Emily Lordi, Session Chairperson

  • Amy Lewis, “When We All Gits to Heaven, Dey’ll Be No Slaves No More’: The Musical Resistance of Enslaved Americans”
  • Judith Tick, “Ella Fitzgerald, Berlin, 1968: ‘Clowning’ and the Art of Subversive Improvisation”
  • Nina C. Ohman, “Why I Turned Down a Million: Mahalia Jackson, Power, and Politics of Not Crossing Over”
  • Naomi André, “Across the Atlantic: Women’s Voices and Lives Portrayed in Opera”

Session 3b: The Musically Queer and Campy in the Popular Consciousness

Erin Brooks, Session Chairperson

  • Mathew Leslie Santana, “‘Ima Read’: Media Representations of Queer Artists Doing Hip Hop”
  • Christopher Culp, “On the Colonization of Camp: Disidentification and the Queer Art of Legibility”
  • Cassandra Negron, “Devious Divas: Gendered Musical Portrayals of Disney’s Female Villains”
  • Ryan Lambe, “Vaulting off the Stage: Anti-Relationality and Queercore Discourse in the Academy”

Session 3c: Singing Conflict, Voicing Gender: Four Performances of Feminist Possibility and Contradiction

Julia J. Chybowski, Session Chairperson

  • Lorena Alvarado, “Black Doves: Transnational Sonic Motherhood and Jenni Rivera’s ‘Paloma Negra’”
  • Sam Baltimore, “‘Here Am I, Your Special Island’: Racial Drag, the Black Exotic, and Juanita Hall’s Asian Roles”
  • Lindsay Johnson, “Southern Nostalgia and Racial Hybridization: Gone with the Wind in Cissy Houston’s ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’”
  • Alexandra Apolloni, “The Voice of the Earthquake: Nature, Artifice, Power, and Yma Sumac’s ‘Tumpa’”

1:30–2:30 p.m.: Session 4


  • Kathryn Briner, “Nʉmʉnʉʉ Hubiyanʉʉ (Comanche Hymns): Performance, Identity, and Resistance”
  • Nanette Solomon, “The Riches of Their Rags: Celebrating Julia Lee Niebergall and May Aufdeheide, the Women on Indianapolis Ragtime”
  • Maurita Murphy Marx, “Brazilian ‘Choro’ Music: A Journey through Social and Racial Diversity”

3:00–5:00 p.m.: Session 5

Featured Round Table: “The Research Needs All of Us: Bridging Scarcity with Collaborative Praxis”

  • Lisa Barg
  • Tammy L. Kernodle
  • Dee Spencer
  • Sherrie Tucker

7:00 p.m.: Session 6

Featured Performance: “Juke Cry Hand Clap” by the Honey Pot Performance Collective

Saturday, August 8


9:00–11:00 a.m.: Session 7


Session 7a: Performing Across Racialized and Gendered Borders

Maureen Mahon, Session Chairperson

  • Kyle De Coste, “Give the People What They Want: Black Feminist Thought and Shifting Identities in the New Orleans Brass Band Scene”
  • Mathew Valnes, “‘Electric Lady’; Janelle Monáe and Afro-Feminist Funk”
  • Olga Galperin, “Gender and Improvisation: A Social and Psychological Perspective”
  • Sarah Minette and Sarah Schmalenberger, “‘Rockin’ It Local’: An Investigation of All-Girl Bands in the Twin Cities”

Session 7b: Gendered Re-Hearings

Suzanne Cusick, Session Chairperson

  • Kyle Kaplan, “Jacqueline du Pré’s Final Recording and the Ethics of Care”
  • Elizabeth Lindau, “Nico’s Decadence”
  • Julie Hedges Brown, “Re-Hearing Schumann: A Ballet, a Quartet Adagio, and Multivalent Identity”
  • Elizabeth Keathley, “Albertine Zehme, Pierrot Lunaire, the Animal’s Voice, and Vocal Virtuosity”

Session 7c: Race, Gender, and Our Disciplines

Rosita Sands, Session Chairperson

  • Rachel Mundy, “Collecting the ‘Sonic Specimen’: Music, Difference, and Natural History”
  • Sonia Tamar Seeman, “Intersecting Race and Gender in Ethnomusicology”
  • Vivian Luong, “Rethinking Music Loving: Toward a New Ethics of Music-Theoretical Engagement”
  • Jess Mullen, “Issues of Racial Diversity in the Recruitment and Admissions of Undergraduate Music Education Majors”

1:00–2:30 p.m.: Session 8


Session 8a: Feminisms in Practice and Performance

Anya Holland-Barry, Session Chairperson

  • John Kapusta, “Feminist Humanism in Pauline Olivero’s Sonic Meditations”
  • Tracy McMullen, “Gender, Race, and Praxis in Jazz: Ernestine Anderson’s Turn to Buddhism in 1968”
  • Sidra Lawrence, “‘If You No Go School, Hunger Dey’: Dagara Women Performing Transnational Feminist Praxis”

Session 8b: Queer Spaces

Alisha Lola Jones, Session Chairperson

  • Reeves Shulstad, “The Genesis of the American Recorder Society: A Queer Heterotopia”
  • Cody Black, “Coming Back/Coming Out in K-Pop: Queering the Heteronormative Masculinity Production of Korean Military Participation”

Session 8c: Music, Race, and Discourse of Primitivism

Tes Slominski, Session Chairperson

  • Nicol Hammond, “Vocal Frontier: Song, Race, and Civilization in Early Twentieth-Century South Africa”
  • Kelsey Koltz, “Sweating Sound: Labor, Intellect, and Race in Miles Davis’s Sound Discourse”

3:00–5:00 p.m.: Session 9

Invited Plenary Session: “The Limits and Potential of Our Work in Times and Spaces of Scarcity”

5:30–8:30 p.m. Community Meal

Sunday, August 9


9:30–11:30 a.m.: Session 10

Continental Breakfast & Planning Session for the Next Conference

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