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April 30, 2019

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“I don’t care what town you are, where you live or how big your streets are. They’re not sized to take the entire population at one time.”


Paradise Mayor
Jodi Jones

Go Time for Green Means Go 

Strong support for innovative pilot program that would remove roadblocks to infill development

Sacramento’s Capitol Park is a hive of activity this month, as office workers and pollinators alike are drawn to beautiful spring blooms. But the buzz of activity in the park is eclipsed by the rush of work happening inside the Capitol building, where lawmakers are jockeying to get their priorities reflected in the state budget. 

A key priority for the Sacramento region is the $400 million that Senator Richard Pan and Assemblymember Ken Cooley have requested to fund the Sacramento region’s Green Means Go pilot program.   

This is a four-year pilot aimed at accelerating infill development in the six-county region and complementing that construction with innovative and green mobility solutions that can provide reliable alternatives to driving alone. Infill development, which means building within communities that are already established, is a way to reduce urban sprawl and leapfrog growth. READ MORE

Isleton Bounces Back from the Brink 

“I haven’t seen this much activity on Main Street in 40 years.”

The final week of March was a good one for the tiny Delta city of Isleton and its 804 residents. On Tuesday it got a $500,000 grant from California’s Regional Water Quality Control Board enabling the city to begin planning a $5 million upgrade of its sewer system. Two days later, it closed the deal on a new bond measure replacing a disastrous 2012 bond that had been costing the city about $175,000 in interest annually. The new bond cuts that almost in half. READ MORE

That’s no Menace, That’s the Phantom

Phantom Auto’s remote driver technology aims to keep AVs safe

Curious passers-by in downtown Sacramento yesterday could be forgiven for wondering why TV crews were clustered around an ordinary looking black Lincoln sedan. Sure, Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg was in the passenger seat but the most innovative feature of the car was nowhere to be seen: it was a remote driver sitting in their office in Mountain View, 120 miles away. 

The Phantom Auto test drive was the end-cap to months of mapping and testing the 4G mobile network in Sacramento to make sure an autonomous vehicle could be safely driven by a remote operator. California law requires any company testing autonomous vehicles on public roads to have a human driver overseeing the “driverless” vehicle who can take over control when an AV encounters a scenario it can’t safely handle on its own, such as emergency road closures, construction detours and four-way stop intersections. 

That has generally meant a human inside the vehicle but Phantom Auto’s teleoperation system means the remote driver could be thousands of miles away. The catch is that the cellular network needs to be very robust, as the system depends on data from the car being sent to the remote operator and back in less than a second. READ MORE

Get on Your Bike 

May is Bike Month makes cycling fun

May is coming – and with it, the Sacramento region’s annual May is Bike Month campaign. Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and longer days to join your friends, neighbors, and co-workers in their commitment to bicycling to work, school, errands, or for recreation or training this May. This is the 15th year that people throughout the Sacramento region are working together to opt for their bike pedals over the gas pedal, get some fresh air and exercise, and take cars off the road for all kinds of trips. 

Biking benefits your health while promoting healthy communities as a whole. Pedaling helps riders avoid traffic congestion, saves them money on gas, and helps reduce air pollution — and it’s also good for your heart and soul. So whether you’re an avid bicycle commuter, once-in-a-while bicycle errand runner, or you just want to give this whole biking thing a try, head over to to sign up. Even a few short trips per week add up over time and make a difference. READ MORE


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