OCTOBER 3, 2018
A ‘Historic Moment’ in House Judiciary Hearing on Cannabis, Veterans, and Research
It’s not every day that a Congressional committee advances a marijuana bill. But earlier this month, the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would expand medical cannabis research and allow VA doctors to refer veterans to cannabis clinical trials. Most surprising was the support from Rep. Bob Goodlatte, a staunch, law-and-order conservative from Virginia.

Ticket To Ride: Pot Sellers Put Seniors On The Canna-Bus
All aboard the canna-bus! 90-year-old Shirley Avedon was one of dozens of seniors who hopped on a free shuttle that goes between an Orange County, Calif. retirement community and a nearby marijuana dispensary. Many of them are cannabis newbies off to learn more about the plant’s therapeutic potential. 

California Begins Process of Creating Cannabis Appellations
It’s no secret that small cannabis farmers in California are struggling. Some of them are opting to stay in the black market, while others are being forced to turn to different agricultural industries to survive. Now, the state is finally moving towards developing cannabis appellations that could have a big economic impact for smaller cultivators.

Vancouver Police Get An Earful on Twitter Over Cannabis Seizure at the DTES Market
Police raided the Downtown Eastside market in Vancouver, seizing a small amount of cannabis. It belonged to the Overdose Prevention Society, which was making marijuana available as a substitute for opioids. Now, social media users and public health officials are taking law enforcement to task.

Here Are the Details of N.J.’s New Legal Weed Bill, Including Delivery and Smoking Lounges
State lawmakers have finally written the long-awaited legalization bill, which politicians believe has a real chance at passing. The best parts? Low taxes, marijuana lounges, and cannabis deliveries. The worst part? No home cultivation. 

Coca-Cola Is Eyeing a Deal in the Marijuana Industry
The soda giant is reportedly in talks with a Canadian cannabis producer and has its eyes on CBD beverages. While plenty of alcohol companies have gotten into the cannabis space, Coca-Cola’s interest signals a new interest from major, mainstream corporations.

Woman’s Deadly Cannabis Allergy Highlights Complexity of Condo Living
A Canadian condo board is struggling with competing medical needs of its residents as marijuana legalization approaches: It’s home to medical marijuana patients and a woman with a deadly cannabis allergy. The board is trying to find a “win-win situation.”

Most Doctors, Nurses And Pharmacists Support Legalizing Marijuana, Poll Finds
When states legalize medical marijuana, you often hear stories about how doctors and other medical professionals aren’t on board. But a new survey finds that a majority of medical professionals support recreational legalization.

Dax Shepard Defends Kristen Bell From Critics Saying Her Marijuana Use Compromises His Sobriety
The actor is defending his wife after she talked about her ritual of partaking in cannabis once a week. Shepard, who has been sober for 14 years, set critics straight: "That would be like a diabetic expecting their partner to never eat dessert. Get real!"
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