November 30, 2018
Weed and Pregnancy: How Cannabis Laws Are Hurting Mothers
The science on cannabis use during pregnancy is hazy: There’s simply no conclusive evidence on whether it’s harmful to the fetus. But women who opt to use medical marijuana to treat severe morning sickness must contend with another kind of harm: child services breaking their families apart.

Could Pot Help Solve The Opioid Crisis?
That’s the question that the federal government is hoping to answer. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, long known for its focus on the harms of marijuana, is now pouring $238,000 into a study to follow more than 10,000 medical marijuana patients in New York. The study represents a “major shift” in how the federal government views cannabis.

From Drug War to Dispensaries: An Oral History of Weed Legalization’s First Wave
The pioneers of the marijuana movement talk about the first legalization law they helped to pass: Prop 215, the 1996 ballot measure that legalized medical marijuana in California. Advocates discuss how the confluence of AIDS activists and well-heeled business people helped lead to its passage.
Looking forward, marijuana activists have their sights set on 2020. Advocacy organizations are looking to pursue adult-use legalization measures in Ohio, Arizona, Florida, and North Dakota. Medical marijuana legalization initiatives are planned for Mississippi, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Meet The First Legal Recreational Marijuana Customers in Massachusetts: A Pair of Veterans
The first legal cannabis sales have finally made their way to the Bay State two years after voters approved a marijuana legalization law. The first customers include a veteran who overcame his painkiller addiction with cannabis, which he uses to treat PTSD, a traumatic brain injury, and chronic pain.

Grieving U.S. Mom with PTSD Has Medical Cannabis Seized at Halifax Airport
“Everyone is shocked,” said an immigration attorney about a Los Angeles woman who was briefly detained for bringing her medical marijuana into Canada, which recently legalized the drug for adults. “It’s legal in Canada. What’s the big deal? It’s no different than bringing booze in Canada. Why would you seize it?”

Government Bans on Pot Research Have Created Room For Marijuana Health Hype
Even though cannabis has some promising therapeutic value, research has been scant thanks to federal prohibition. The lack of trustworthy information has created room for companies to hype the benefits of marijuana, despite a lack of scientific evidence. "The irony is that by trying to keep us ‘safe' and refusing to reschedule, the DEA is making us less safe by letting us be drowned by hype without quality evidence either way.”

Medical Cannabis Users Anxious Over Supply Shortages
Shortages are plaguing the Canadian marijuana market. But no one is suffering more than the medical marijuana patients who rely on the drug to keep seizures and other serious health problems at bay. Marijuana producers, more interested in the profitability of the recreational market, have shifted their focus there. Patients say that their needs must be met first.
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