May 11, 2018
NFL Player Makes Medical Marijuana History: ‘I Have A Life To Live'
Running back Mike James made NFL history when he became the first player to apply for a therapeutic use exemption for cannabis — a drug that is typically banned in the league. His application was denied and his career is now in limbo. James opted to use medical marijuana to get off of opioids. "I felt like I was beginning a new life," he said.

Youngs Don’t Have To Worry About Smoking Too Much Weed
A meta-analysis of research on marijuana and cognition found no association between heavy cannabis use and long-term cognitive impacts. As usual, scientists warned that more research is needed. 

Could Pennsylvania Become a Medical Marijuana Research Hub?
Pennsylvania joined a bunch of other states when it legalized medical marijuana in 2016. But it went beyond what other states had done by creating a license class for research. Soon, universities will be able to grow, sell, and study the kind of cannabis that patients are actually using — and not that shake from NIDA

Marijuana And Meditation May Both Reduce Anxiety. Which Is Better?
Studies have shown that cannabis could be helpful at reducing anxiety. Research has also found that mindfulness meditation has an anti-anxiety effect. But for people who struggle with depression alongside anxiety, meditation looks like the better bet.

Key GOP Chairman Supports New Marijuana Research Bill
On the heels of the revelation that John Boehner has “evolved” on marijuana, a cannabis research bill has gained an important supporter: Bob Goodlatte, a Republican representative from Virginia. The legislation would make it easier for scientists to study cannabis.

Human Endocannabinoid System Might Be Marijuana Soulmate
Why is medical marijuana effective at treating so many different ailments? The answer may lie in the endocannabinoid system, "a built-in neurotransmission system that appears well-designed to respond to cannabis.” Their receptors are found all throughout the body, yet we’re only just beginning to understand how it works.

Anxiety Relief Without The High? New Studies On CBD, A Cannabis Extract
Preliminary studies show that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. Here’s a look at the clinical trials underway seeking to study CBD for PTSD and substance abuse issues. While results from these studies are still years away, pharmaceutical CBD is on its way towards FDA approval.

More Older Americans Are Smoking Marijuana
Although marijuana use is more prevalent among young people, the rate of marijuana use among older generations has been growing steadily in recent years. Americans over 50 years old today are 20 times more likely to consume cannabis compared to older Americans three decades ago. 

Weed 101: How to Choose Marijuana
For a novice consumer, figuring out the right cannabis product can be daunting. According to the experts, strain names aren’t so helpful. But cannabinoid and terpene profiles are. While you’re experimenting to figure out what’s right for you, it’s always a good idea to keep a high-CBD strain around.

CBD Craze Hits LA’s High-End Juice Bars
Move over spirulina and chia seeds. The latest trend at fancy juice shops is CBD. Juice proprietors say it’s a hit among their customers and adding a few drops of infused olive oil doesn’t change a juice’s taste. Other shops have gone beyond juice to stock CBD teas, tinctures, and baked goods.
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